School, should we reduce the length of the summer holidays?

► “Better dissemination of learning throughout the year” Jean Paul Delahayeformer director general of school education “No one can argue in good faith that France has a problem with its school hours. In primary school we have the most harmful system on the planet: with a few exceptions, six-hour days concentrated in four days a … Read more

“Should we give up all scientific cooperation with Russia?”

“A few hours ago, the Russian bombings in Mariupol were aimed at a motherhood and apediatric hospital (…) My colleagues’ request to suspend Russia’s representation rights has not been heard, I ask them to suspend my participation in the activities of the International Astronomical Union. » A Ukrainian astronomer make this call, March 9, in … Read more

“The book” God, science, evidence “serves science and faith”

with his book God, science, evidence (Guy Trédaniel, 2021), Michel-Yves Bolloré and Olivier Bonnassies have thrown a stone at the pond. They aim to describe and deduce recent advances in the fields of physics and cosmology “proof of the existence of God (who is) modern, clear, rational, multidisciplinary, objectively confrontable (sic) in the real world … Read more

How to foster confidence in science?

► “The crisis, a period of accelerated scientific learning” Michael Dubois, sociologist and director of research at the CNRS, co-responsible for the survey “Les Français et la Science 2021” “The health crisis linked to Covid-19 was an exercise in science education, with strong communication from experts to the general public. Despite some sometimes spectacular hiccups, … Read more