Displacement of Joshua Cotter. A unique science fiction saga.

Clouds of words, strange threads that seem to materialize communication, then a curious entertainment television program in which a scientist explains the details of the intrin-net, a telepathic information and communication system. This opens Displacement, an ambitious science fiction saga imagined by American Joshua Cotter from his isolated Missouri farm. The graphic universe of this … Read more

“Not giving access to information is discrimination” – Release

Are the videos translated into French Sign Language? Do they have subtitles? Are the colors contrasting enough? For Internet users with visual, hearing, motor, or even cognitive impairments, Internet browsing is fraught with errors. And presidential candidates are no exception. Olivier Keul studied its accessibility for the consulting firm Temesis, a member of the Responsible … Read more

Edtech: digital at the service of education – Companies

Using digital technologies to improve learning and equip our children with new skills for the future: this is what motivates Philippe Van Ophem. Having become an investor in edtech start-ups, this renowned “serial entrepreneur” co-founded the non-profit organization EducIT, which has revolutionized the approach of introducing computers in French-speaking schools. The Belgian market for edtech … Read more

some animals also have feelings

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Animal Intelligence: The elephant would be aware of its body An Asian elephant has brilliantly passed an intelligence test that a two-year-old child does: you can’t stretch a rug if you’re there. Conducted by the Think Elephants International Association, the experiment shows that the elephant is aware of … Read more