Planet X: new clues about its existence

The “Nice Model” is a series of studies published in 2005 that explain the formation of our Solar System. Today, it is the model that achieves consensus among the scientific community. This model was especially successful in explaining why the gas giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) ended up in oblong and widespread orbits. … Read more

Are solutions known to save caribou? Yes.

This article is part of the Rumor Detector section, click here to see other articles. As we know, the caribou situation is critical in Quebec. Herds of caribou from the forests of Val-d’Or (7 individuals) and Charlevoix (17 individuals) are found in enclosures, under artificial respirators. The one in Pipmuakan, on the north coast, is … Read more

Tomorrow, all formed in the metavers?

Studying at Metavers will soon cease to be science fiction. That’s what Alban Miconnet, president of Kwark Education, promised during Metakwark’s presentation. “the first open educational metavers “, which should welcome its first students in September 2022. 15 “metacampuses” are already being built, specifically those of the ESC Pau business school, the schools of the … Read more

dreams and utopias

Receiving news from the world, starting the day with them, like many of us, is becoming increasingly difficult. Turning on the radio in the morning to accompany our ritual gestures often means starting the day with discomfort, and sometimes even a little embarrassment. Listening to what is happening in Ukraine, while drinking hot coffee or … Read more

Protect our brain

I’m not sure Elon Musk is welcome in Santiago. The iconic head of Tesla, and recently Twitter, is also the creator of the company Neuralink (1) which aims to develop a direct connection between the human brain and computers, thanks to implants placed in the cortex. First of all for medical use, to treat serious … Read more

as LaLiga Tech won its bet

A seemingly simple technical gesture. Lots of composure. Thousands of reactions on social media. This is the type of event that LaLiga Tech analyzes when a player like Karim Benzema scores a penalty Panenka at 81.i minutes from the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City on Tuesday 26 April 2022. LaLiga Tech … Read more