Digital education: latest industry data, future trends and forecasts 2022-2030

The most obvious way to expand the digital education market is to get more customers, the strategic ways to reach other consumers or businesses are through industry research, creating a medium / sales channel, increased customer interaction, attendance at networking events, and the formation of strategic partnerships with other industries. Digital education marketing involves selling … Read more

A plan to tackle the three-speed school

To end the three-speed education system, the citizen movement École ensemble is proposing 100% funding for private schools to become free, non-selective, but still autonomous neighborhood schools. • Also read: 4-year-olds, nothing better than CPEs • Also read: Elementary schools: Intensive English does not hurt written French With its private schools, its specific selective projects … Read more

Analysis of future smart education market trends up to 2030 provides a detailed assessment of the global market for smart education with accurate estimates and forecasts, providing perfect survey solutions for strategic decision making designed to provide maximum clarity to the industry. A new study that includes regional and global trade statistics and is expected to be beneficial between 2022 and 2030. In addition, … Read more

Sex Education Season 4: Wow, this cast member reveals new information about the sequel to the hit Netflix series!

Facebook Twitter messenger How are you LinkedIn Sex Education is an English series created by Laurie Nunn and is broadcast for the first time January 11, 2019 activated netflix to the whole world. Immediately after its release, the series was a huge success with over 40 million views worldwide 28 days after it aired. Combining … Read more

Emmanuel Macron and education: on the crest

April 21, 2022 In the presidential project that Emmanuel Macron presented on March 17, education occupies a prominent place. This priority of the presidential candidate was reaffirmed in the debate that pitted the two finalists in the presidential election on April 20. Emmanuel Macron remains convinced that strengthening equal opportunities requires educational success. This is … Read more

“We hope that a change in the ballot box will begin,” said Maya, a graduate of the UTBM.

A staunch defender of political freedom and social justice, the Roman philosopher Seneca (Ier century AD) was convinced: “It’s when you no longer have hope that you don’t have to despair of anything.” Easy to say … Disunited opposition Will this very faint hope in Lebanon, where political life has been dominated – plagued – … Read more