10 great ideas for designing your garden in a way that suits your dog

There are many ways to make your garden safe and fun for your dog. As you can see in these photos. Dogs need to exercise daily, some even several times a day. Therefore, a garden turns out to be an advantage for our 4-legged friends. In order for the animal to enjoy it safely, certain … Read more

Guegon. Confiscated dogs: The owner fired

Ploermel community Posted on April 26, 2022 The plaintiff Mélissa Le Bartz, domiciled in Guégon until last October, demanded from the municipality of Guégon the sum of 21,450 euros as a result of the confiscation of her dogs by the council. The provisional judge dismissed the owner of the dogs by order of April 8, … Read more

Chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in dogs

Inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, is a syndrome that affects the dog’s digestive system, in whole or in part. Linked to the infiltration of inflammatory cells into the intestinal wall that causes chronic inflammation of the intestinal tract, these diseases cause repeated disorders in dogs, in particular diarrhea and / or chronic vomiting. Dog Insurance … Read more

COVID-19: China deploys an army of geese to fight the spread of the virus

In fact, the goose could have an advantage over man’s best friend, especially because birds are more selective when it comes to sounding the alarm, says Petr Glazov, chairman of the goose specialist group. International Union for Conservation of Nature. “Dogs can sometimes sound the alarm just for fun or to talk together between dogs. … Read more