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Bringing together the best players in the world, the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) circuit is the leading international men’s tennis circuit. With nearly 70 tournaments scheduled for the 2022 season, tennis players compete from January to November around the world with the sole goal of winning! ATP tournament, presentation of the ATP tournaments that you can’t miss during the 2022 season!

ATP Tournament – Grand Slam Holder

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and all the players present on the ATP circuit dream of one thing: winning a Grand Slam. If the Big Three have shared more than 90% of the majors for more than 15 years, there is still a challenge for the rest of the players.

The Australian Open opens

1er important tournament of the season, the Australian Open is always played in heat-marked Dantesque conditions. Located in the southern hemisphere, it is summer in Melbourne at the time of the first exchanges. With very frequent temperatures exceeding 40 °, the players suffer a lot in these extreme weather conditions. Located at the beginning of the season and with a state of form still unknown, in the OA usually happen surprises. With 9 hits here, Novak Djokovic is the master of the place and the Serb often produces his best tennis in Melbourne.

Roland Garros, dominating your slips

It’s hard not to associate Roland Garros and Rafael Nadal. King of clay, the Spaniard has made this ATP tournament his favorite! With 14 wins in 18 appearances, it’s hard to beat. But that doesn’t stop these competitors from trying to get ahead every year, successfully! The Paris tournament is an unmissable event, with its glamorous and chic side coming down from the stands. The fortnight of Porte d’Auteuil is always unique!

Are the attackers still masters at Wimbledon?

For a long time the attackers ’favorite target, whether on duty or volleyball, the Wimbledon ATP tournament has changed in recent years. Denied for decades to short-range players like Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic, the London turf has slowed over the years, giving a less decisive advantage to attacking players. However, the oldest ATP tournament in the world is no less spectacular in such a British context!

The American Dream at the US Open

Played at the end of the season, in September, the U.S. Open is the grand ATP tournament that offers the most surprises on a regular basis. With organizations that can take the tongue out of some leaders after a long season, the 4thth and the last Grand Slam in Flushing Meadows generally holds amazing results, although in the end it is very often a member of the Big Three (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic) who wins!

ATP 2022 Tournament: 9 Masters 1000 in the program

If the 4 ATP Grand Slam tournaments are events not to be missed during the tennis season, the 9 Masters 1000 also marks the year 2022. A brief summary of the Masters 1000 of the season that, in Compared to the Grand Slam, they play the best of 3 rounds.

Indians Well and Miami, favorite players!

Held in March, the Indians Well and the Miami Masters 1000 are adored by tennis players. Played in an environment and comfort that attracts players, these 2 atp Masters 1000 tournaments are eagerly awaited by the protagonists. And the show is there often!

Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome as an aperitif before Roland Garros

While Roland Garros is the highlight on clay, the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome are also highly anticipated ATP tournaments. 3 high level tournaments that allow players to repeat their rank as they approach 2n / a Grand Slam of the season and find your way to a surface that you must know how to tame.

Montreal and Cincinnati for the US tour

With the US Open approaching, players begin their preparation each year in early August with 2 Masters 1000 in the North American continent, in Montreal and then in Cincinnati. ATP tournaments that took place just 3 weeks before the start of the last Grand Slam of the season ideally prepare tennis players for the fortnight in New York. Enough to make the final adjustments and gain confidence.

Shanghai and Paris to go to the ATP Finals

Located in the latter part of the season, the Masters 1000 in Shanghai and Paris often give way to the battle to win a ticket to the ATP Finals, an ATP tournament that pits the top 8 tennis players of the 2022 season, and will be played this year in Turin, Italy. Although it is often played without the best players in the world who prefer to rest, the suspense and homogeneity of the table make these 2 ATP tournaments interesting to follow!

ATP Tournaments: How Many Points Do You Win Per Tournament?

Whether for the Grand Slam, Masters 1000, ATP 500 and 250 tournaments, the points are distributed according to the results obtained, which gives a ranking that serves to designate the series leaders in each ATP tournament.

Grand Slam points

Winner: 2000 points

Finalist: 1200 points

Semifinalist: 750 points

Quarterfinals: 360 points

Eighth place: 180 points

3rd round: 90 points

2nd round: 45 points

1st round: 10 points

Points in the master’s degree 1000

Winner: 1000 points

Finalist: 600 points

Semifinalist: 360 points

Quarterfinals: 180 points

Eighth place: 90 points

3rd round: 45 points

2nd round: 25 points

1st round: 10 points

Points in ATP 500

Winner: 500 points

Finalist: 300 points

Semifinalist: 180 points

Quarterfinals: 90 points

Eighth place: 45 points

2nd round: 20 points

1st round: 0 points

With nearly 70 ATP tournaments spread across 5 continents and played from January to November, the 2022 men’s tennis season will offer us moments of excitement with first-class encounters, twists, disappointments, joys and surprises. . Between Grand Slam tournaments and the Masters 1000, watching the best players in the world compete in the biggest ATP tournaments of the season is a pleasure you can’t miss under any circumstances!

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