Friendly: In Paris, the Aveyronnais here and elsewhere prepare for the summer and the local market

With 65 associations, the federation of Aveyronnais here and elsewhere, renamed for a few months by the National Federation of Aveyron Friendly (FNAA, later FNA 12) which was created in 1947, held its assembly general on Monday, June 13 in the evening. at the Salons de l’Aveyron, in Bercy in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. A great Mass attended in particular by the faithful Senator Jean-Claude Anglars, and the new President of the Chamber of Trades and Trades Pierre Azemar, for his baptism. Surrounded by some of her “lieutenants” (Pierre Vincens, Martine Gasq, Gérard Paloc, Frédéric Lavernhe and Corinne Chavanon, with a respected parity on the podium), Marilise Miquel praised “the dynamism of all and the dedication of all the volunteers” . The president took the opportunity to recall the leitmotif: “Advancing step by step, all together.” You won’t have to rely on her to skip the steps!

Returning the mirrors willingly, Millavoise’s lawyer is rather “turned to tomorrow.” And the future of this federation, which has found a second life, a new breath, has the characteristics of the summer meeting of August 12 (read below) and the market of the Aveyron countries, including the The 22nd edition is scheduled for October 7 to 9 in Bercy. Philippe Picou, its director, set the stage: “It is the biggest piece of our calendar. In 2021, we were there, we got it. This vintage was a resounding success with many visitors, excited exhibitors and dizzying numbers such as the 9,000 trays of aligot-sausage served. We couldn’t have done it better, there was no more merchandise! “.

The next vintage is ready and Philippe Picou has introduced two new faces: “A ceramist from Valady and an illustrator from Villefranche-de-Rouergue”. But shh, he won’t say more … It was time to taste the meal of this “very positive” general meeting.

About commissions

  • President of the Amicale Millau-Paris, technical adviser to the Senate of the group Les Indépendants (which includes Aveyronnais Alain Marc), Claire Calmels will return to the country this weekend. To vote certainly in the second round of the legislative elections but also to encourage, on Friday 17, at 6.30 pm, the Crea de Millau, a conference entitled “After Brexit and relations with the European Union”, organized by the MJC.
  • Although the project dates back to 1988, the first stone of L’Oustal was laid on December 23, 1993 by Jacques Chirac, then mayor of Paris. The first young people moved to “La maison des Aveyronnais” in 1996, in the heart of the Bercy district, in the 12th arrondissement, and the façade of this building, which houses the Salons de l’Aveyron, offices and 90 apartments had never been touched. Or almost not. It will now be necessary to reconcile this observation with the past since the facelift began in March and the scaffolding will not be dismantled until the end of the summer.
  • Gérard Paloc, the emblematic president of L’Oustal, the association that precisely manages the rental of these spaces, has decided to cede to Marilise Miquel. He announced this on Monday evening during the great mass of the federation. The succession between the two Millavois will take effect at the November general meeting.
  • Michel Bessières masterfully orchestrated the Sports Festival on Sunday at the Suzanne-Lenglen Stadium in District 15, and, in the words of the mainstay of this event, “the 6th edition was a total success,” with tennis. athletics, eight-a-side bowling. , football, rugby … wafers and ice cream. Beyond this day of annual meetings, this committee is delighted, in particular, with the good health of the Aveyronnais Cafés Sports Association in Paris (Ascap), led by Anthony Chauvet, with 56 footballers divided into two teams, inside the leisure. championship on Monday evening.
  • After two blank years, the summer meeting of the federation returns. It will be served on Friday 12 August by the association of Sainte-Geneviève-sur-Argence, Cantoin and Graissac. Yvette Mathieu and Laurent Cayron, president of this friendly, have outlined the main lines, insisting that it will be “cheaper, less formal” than in the past. The entertainment and activities will be numerous and varied (see details on the federation’s website), with a start in the morning of Vines, in the town of Cantoin, a remarkable place and world capital of the bagpipe, a family of instruments that includes, in particular, the goat.
  • After eleven years, according to the established formula of “good and loyal service”, Géraldine Belliard left the federation. Since this spring, the new secretary is called Julie Bejot and now there is only one phone number to contact her: 0143451212.
  • Corinne Chavanon presented the financial report: after a 2020 financial year marked by a deficit of 51,000 euros (no country market!), In 2021 she was able to smile again with a surplus of 37,000 euros. The provisional budget is announced “balanced” with a positive balance of 5,000 euros. “The federation shows a healthy cash flow,” insisted President Marilise Miquel. “Thanks to good management but also to the commitment of all.”
  • One-third of the board was pending renewal. All these people were candidates for their own succession and were therefore unanimously re-elected. On the other hand, Frédéric Jacquet has decided to resign “due to lack of availability” and it is the young Adrien Boulet, from Bozouls, who joins the team. “It’s a great candidacy,” said Marilise Miquel. “After L’Oustal and Rabalaïres, it’s a logical continuation for him.” A sentiment shared by Secretary-General Martine Gasq: “We need young people to pass on what our elders left us.”

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