Direct. Ping pong. Caen TTC, defeated by Romagna, fails to find the title

The disappointment of the three Caen players, consoled by their coach Xavier Renouvin. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

Although he had started the match perfectly leading 2 sets to 0 and getting two points from the first leg, Caen TTC lost 3-1 to La Romagne on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. On goal average, the Caennais finished the season second behind. the champion of France Angers.

HACHARD 1 – 3 DOGS (9-11)

Antoine saves three points but loses the fourth. Caen is not a Pro A champion.

HACHARD 1 – 2 DOGS (6-9)

They are about to be defeated …

HACHARD 1 – 2 DOGS (5-7)

Antoine Hachard made it 5-6 with his best kick.

HACHARD 1 – 2 DOGS (3-4)

Chen attacked hard with a 3-0 lead. Antoine Hachard stays focused, returns.

HACHARD 1 – 2 DOGS (13-11)

The second point of seven is good for Antoine Hachard! Caen is still alive and is even two sets away from a title. But the advantage is still for Romagna.

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HACHARD 0 – 2 DOGS (8-7)

Chen returns and Antoine Hachard asks for a timeout. There is tension in the air …

HACHARD 0 – 2 DOGS (7-4)

Antoine Hachard returns to the wall, is offensive at the start of the set and takes advantage of some small opposing mistakes.

HACHARD 0 – 2 DOGS (8-11)

Antoine Hachard’s last two defeats end in the net. Romania is a long way from victory. Caen would finish second in Pro A. You have to win this game to finish champion.

HACHARD 0 – 1 DOG (4-7)

Complicated start of the second race for Antoine Hachard, who has raised the bar but is lagging behind …

HACHARD 0 – 1 DOG (13-15)

VAR! It’s pretty amazing what’s going on here. Chen won the first set but there was a refereeing error against Caen in 12-12. Answer and see the pictures. Caen is right but Antoine Hachard loses the two points awarded.

HACHARD 0-0 DOG (9-10)

Great fight between the two players. Antoine Hachard has a good piece in front of him.

OUAICHE 3 – 2 RUIZ (11-9)

Awesome! Stéphane Ouaiche makes a few sumptuous shots at the best time to win this beautiful and score the first point in favor of Caen. Romania now wins 2-1. Caen still need a victory to be champions of France!

OUAICHE 2 – 2 RUIZ (8-9)

Great tension and great atmosphere in this beautiful Caen must win at all costs!

OUAICHE 2 – 2 RUIZ (1-4)

Stéphane Ouaiche takes a break. Ruiz plays very well but Caennais suffers too much.

OUAICHE 2 – 2 RUIZ (6-11)

Romania are now on a set of a 3-0 victory that would condemn Caen to second place. Everything will be fine.

OUAICHE 2 – 1 RUIZ (4-9)

Caution danger in Caen! Stéphane seems to be getting out of his game …

OUAICHE 2 – 1 RUIZ (4-11)

Romain Ruiz is back in the game! The two men offer nice exchanges to the audience, but Ruiz revives.

OUAICHE 2 – 0 RUIZ (2-7)

Romagna was expected to line up her number 4, Brice Olivier, for the fourth game (and for her jubilee, as she finishes her career after this last match), but it was Chen who went to warm up. He will play against Antoine Hachard, if Stéphane Ouaiche wins this third match. The third set completely escapes the Caennais for now …

OUAICHE 2 – 0 RUIZ (11-4)

Stéphane Ouaiche is impressive against Romain Ruiz. Caen’s TTC is in the process of being relaunched.

OUAICHE 1 – 0 RUIZ (11-9)

Stéphane Ouaiche was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper.

OUAICHE 0 – 0 RUIZ (8-7)

Ruiz pressed the ball, but his header was blocked by the keeper.

OUAICHE 0 – 0 RUIZ (6-3)

Good start to the match by Stéphane Ouaiche, aggressive.


The two players approach the table while the 1,200 spectators return to their seats. Angers won 3-0 and Caen have no choice: they will have to win two games to be champions!

The third match will see Stéphane Ouaiche face Romain Ruiz after a break. Caennais will be slightly favored. Caen can regret the initial defeat of Antoine Hachard, who led 2 sets to 0 and with two game points in the fourth set … However, there was no comparison between Stoyanov and Chen.


Niagol Stoyanov can’t do anything against a very successful Chen … and not without some success. The Italian was angry and could not resist strong enough. Caen returns to the wall: a defeat by Stéphane Ouaiche in the next game and the title will fly away in favor of Angers.

STOYANOV 1 – 2 CHEN (9-11)

Chen takes the lead in this match.

STOYANOV 1 – 1 CHEN (4-6)

The points move very quickly with these two offensive players. It’s Chen who sets the pace …

STOYANOV 1 – 1 CHEN (9-11)

Returning to 9-9, Stoyanov lost the second set. Meanwhile, Angers lead 2-0. Caen have no choice, they will have to win at least one match, surely two to be champions!

STOYANOV 1 – 1 DOG (6-8)

Many fouls by Stoyanov … Chen led 5-1 and then 6-2, but Niagol held on in these brief exchanges.


The first set was quickly wrapped up by Niagol Stoyanov.

The second match will face Niagol Stoyanov against Tian Yuan Chen. Both players complete their warm-up.

Thank you for party programs that also serve to entertain you.  It's so hot ...
Thank you for party programs that also serve to entertain you. It’s so hot … (© AC / Sport in Caen)


Great disappointment for Antoine Hachard, defeated in style after leading two sets to zero. Romagna scored the first point of this match after 1:15 of combat. It promises a long afternoon (and hopefully the temperature will drop!).


Alamian has greatly increased his level of play. He doesn’t lose a single point anymore …


We finally have an idea of ​​what the people of the south of France are going through in terms of the heat wave. Party programs have been recycled into fans. Antoine holds on after an early set ahead of his rival.


Alamian only needs one chance to return in this match, while Antoine Hachard has lost two of seven points. This first game will be played in style!


Antoine earns a great point to relive in this fourth set.


It’s more complicated for Antoine, who is leading 8-4 in the fourth set. You can count on the support of the public in this first game that lasts!


Balanced start of the fourth inning (3-3). The match is broadcast live on France TV Sport. You can follow him here.


Many mistakes by Caennais in this third set of the first game. Alamian wins it quite easily. It’s very hot in the room, your hands are sweating!


After a fierce second half, Antoine Hachard took the break. He won this second round by 21-19.

The first set had been led smoothly by the Caennais, advancing without trembling in the heat of a crowded Halle Saint-Jean-Eudes.

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