Ping pong. TTC falls, seven questions for a (possible) championship title

What is the accounting situation, two days before the end?

He is very favorable to Caen TTC, leader of Pro A (40 points) with two units ahead of Angers and La Romagne (38), and three over Jura Morez (37). One thing is for sure, the title of champion of France will not escape one of these four formations. The Caennais, who go to Pointoise-Cergy (8e) on Friday, and will receive Romagna (3e) On Tuesday, they have their destiny in their hands. If they win their last two games or win five points, they will be guaranteed to be champions of France.

The calendar of the four contenders. 1. Caen (40 points) goes to Pontoise (8e); rep la Romagna (3e).

2. Angers (38 points): receives Rouen (5e); goes to Saint-Denis (9e).

3. Romagna (38 points): receives Jura Morez (4e); goes to Caen (1er).

4. Jura Morez (37 points): goes to Romagna (3e); rep Chartres (6e).

Is the Caen TTC approaching this final sprint with all its might?

The answer is no. As in the last three days, Caennais will evolve without its leader, Wang Yang (42e world player), present in China with his family. In terms of appearances, the Slovakian defender has “weighed” 65% of his victories this season (15 wins, 8 losses). But an absence of which the TTC of Caen does not mount. Against Saint-Denis (3-2), Angers (2-3) and Villeneuve (3-2), the Caennais took eight points again and confirmed that they knew how to live and win without their leader.

“It simply came to our notice thensays Xavier Renouvin. We would have preferred it to be there, but we can’t just think about what’s going on. In this final sprint, we have an asset, that of owning our destiny. And one drawback, the challenge of challenging two teams that, on paper, are stronger than us. It is quite a challenge before us. »

Charge Antoine Hachard (13 wins, 9 losses), Stéphane Ouaiche (11 V, 3 D) and Niagol Stoyanov (1 V, 9 D) to take over.

Should we distrust Pontoise-Cergy?

Eighth in Pro A, Pontoise-Cergy presents a balanced balance after sixteen days (8 wins, 8 losses) and already has its maintenance assured. Don’t count on this equipment to slow down and make the slightest gift at Caen TTC. Ambitious at the start of the season, Ile-de-France residents were spared no injuries. Quentin Robinot missed eleven meetings, Emmanuel Lebesson, its leader, two. In total, no less than seven players have been signed this season. A record.

On Friday, Pontoise-Cergy should line up their typical team (Lebesson, Robinot, Mattenet). Xavier Renouvin logically distrusts Emmanuel Lebesson. “He is still a great champion. He’s had some lows in the last few months, but that’s part of the life of a top-notch athlete. Like cycling, ping is not lost. I have no doubt about its value. If he maintains his classification, he will add two points to his team on Friday, which would leave us little room. »
Quentin Robinot and Adrien Mattenet will play their last home game against Pontoise-Cergy. Before losing strongly to La Romagna (0-3) on April 19, the Parisians had won all six of their home games. In the first leg, Caen TTC suffered its only 3-0 defeat of the season. Distrust, distrust.

What will happen in the event of a double or three-way tie?

In this championship where the points count (each game won wins one point) does not favor big gaps, several teams could end the season with the same number of points on Tuesday evening. If this is the case, they will be decided on the specific point average. For example, if Caen and Angers finish tied, it is the Angevins, who beat Caennais 3-2 in the first leg, who would be crowned champions of France.

Angers, who have won five of their six matches against their direct competitors, will be guaranteed to be champions of France if they end up tied with one or more of the other three teams.

The results of direct confrontations. Caen: two defeats against Angers (2-3 and 2-3), a victory against La Romagne (3-1), a victory (3-1) and a defeat against Jura Morez (2-3).

Angers: two victories against Caen (3-2 and 3-2), two victories against La Romagne (3-1 and 3-0), a victory (3-0) and a defeat (1-3) against Jura Morez.

Romagna: a defeat against Caen (1-3), two defeats against Angers (1-3 and 0-3), a defeat against Jura Morez (2-3).

Jura Morez: a victory (3-2) and a defeat (1-3) against Caen, a victory (3-1) and a defeat (0-3) against Angers, a victory against La Romagne (3-2).

Can the Caen TTC be crowned on Friday evening?

All the planets should line up, but the scenario is possible, yes. To be crowned on Friday, Caen TTC will have to take two points more than Angers and La Romagne. Then, Caennais would have a three-point advantage over Jura Morez (in this case he will have won Jura Morez, who faces Romagna) and the average points favorable over Jurassic. A very unlikely result that would deprive the Caen crowd of a title final on Tuesday evening.

Has Caen TTC already been crowned French champions?

You may have climbed onto the roof of Europe without ever having reigned in your own country. It is the funny paradox that still accompanies Caen TTC, the winning club of the Champions League in 1999 and with a clear record on the national stage (2e of Pro In the years 98 and 99). A form of anomaly that Caennais will try to correct on Tuesday evening.

“It simply came to our notice thenXavier Renouvin believes. And a great reward for the successive presidents, the volunteers present at each match and for this exciting team. »

An ancestor of the Ovalie Caennaise, the Caen Rugby Club remains, to this day, the only club in Caen to be crowned French champions (1999, 2000 and 2002). A title that, until then, has always eluded the men’s clubs of Caen. Sometimes very little, like the basketball players of Caen BC in the late seventies (2e 1977 and 1979) or HC Caen hockey players (2e of Magnus in 2000).

Are there any places left for Tuesday’s match against Romagna?

Aware that the reception of the Romagna, on Tuesday 14 June, would look like a final for the title, the leaders of the Caen TTC have set out for a while to evolve in the Palau dels Esports. Problem is, roof work has begun on the site that houses Caen BC and Caen HB. It is, therefore, at the Halle Saint-Jean-Eudes, inaugurated at the beginning of the season, where this last appointment will be played.

To turn this room into a cauldron, the capacity will be increased to 1,150 spectators. Those arriving late can rest assured, tickets are still on sale. 842 places were found this Thursday. To reserve your place, click here.

Ping pong. TTC falls, seven questions for a (possible) championship title

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