In Grigny, a “tennis quote” to match young people looking for work and business

On the tennis court, Nasreddine, in a khaki jogging suit and black T-shirt, arms his right arm to serve and hits the ball at the zenith. In front of him, his opponent is wearing a gray two-piece suit. Definitely too dressed for a sports session, he returns the ball with a firm hand. Nasreddine deliberately lets the ball pass, “only this time,” and concedes the point between laughs. He immediately justifies his action: “I don’t come to win a game, but to look for a job. »

The second edition of “Game, set and job”, a somewhat unusual work appointment, was held this Thursday at the Chaulais de Grigny stadium (Essonne). The Fête le Mur socio-sports association brought together young residents looking for work on a tennis court to introduce them, who knows, to their future employers. Among them: Grigny town hall, Carrefour, BNP Paribas and many more.

After a brief presentation of the eighteen companies present, go to the outdoor venue of the fifty-five young participants. Victor Chevallier, an event manager, offers valuable tips before launching everyone: “Play the game! It means literally and figuratively. Adding:” This is your chance to meet recruiters who are not behind a desk. ”Galvanized, the young people go their separate ways, under the watchful eye of the leaders of the organizing association, present both to lead them and to reassure them.

Stade Les Chaulais, Grigny on June 9, 2022. Victor Chevallier of the Fête le Mur association is co-organizer of Game, Set and Job. A job appointment that combines tennis and an individual interview that helps young jobseekers by putting them in touch with companies in their region.

Everyone has their own approach tactics. “There are two companies that I really like,” says Silima, 22, confident. Beige cap screwed on his head, he will give his hand, CV and cover letters under his arm. Others, more timid, opt for a less frontal approach. “I’ll write down the names of the recruiters I’m interested in to see later,” said Hamza, also 22. The young man who is finishing a BTS came with two of his friends to give him courage.

“Some young people have their first fair here. We try to demystify the image of the recruiter. They need us, but we also need them, ”explains Naji Ikram, director of the BNP Paribas branch. The French bank has renewed its participation in the event this year after recruiting a young Grignois with an indefinite contract during the 2021 edition.

Respondents praised the virtues of this event. “This allows us to make the link between a candidate’s resume and what we observe on the ground,” argues Naji Ikram. “It’s a time saver,” adds Eudes Bertrand of Viry-Chatillon-based Lux ​​Lock Security. The man in the gray suit is looking for a commercial future for his company. For his first participation in this work appointment, the recruiter regrets the too low number of candidates present at the event.

Stade Les Chaulais, Grigny on June 9, 2022. About fifty young people looking for work in Grigny met with recruiters around a tennis match.  LP / WM
Stade Les Chaulais, Grigny on June 9, 2022. About fifty young people looking for work in Grigny met with recruiters around a tennis match. LP / WM

“Our goal is to focus on quality rather than quantity,” says Victor Chevallier. Fête le mur plans to organize 18 such operations by the end of 2022. The forty candidates per event are sometimes led by Pôle emploi, the city council or the local mission. The association recorded 25% positive departures after work appointments in Grigny in 2021 and intends to improve that score. “We try to unofficially match participants upstream by targeting young people and businesses. So that none of the candidates leave empty-handed after the work date.”

Hicham shines a triumphant smile. The young man looking for a job in the construction industry claims to have gotten an interview with the Randstad company. “I think I drew their attention,” he exclaims proudly.

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