Racist aggression: dragging your neighbor with your car for more than 70 meters

More than three years have passed but the wound is not closed. “It’s still hard to talk about it today,” Nelly (1) breathes on the phone, two days after the trial that plunged that stable and her husband Bedri (1) back into fear. On Wednesday, June 1, in room 3 of the Nantes court, he could not see the defendant’s gaze. Bernard (1), 52, who is disabled after a career in construction, does not show anything sinister. Short-haired, gray-haired, dressed in a blue shirt attached to jeans, he had to face justice once, in 2005, for driving under the influence of alcohol. However, we detect acidity in the eyes as it moves toward the bar. Judging by gun violence, Bernard will have no apology during the hearing regarding Bedri, whom he dragged 72 meters with his car. The epilogue of a banal neighborhood conflict, according to the established formula, tinged with racism.

In May 2017, Bedri, Nelly and their children moved into an adjoining house on Bernard’s property in a small village north of Nantes. New neighbors with whom relations quickly strained. The president investigates Bernard about the source of his anger. “It started with chickens,” he rewinds. “There were about twenty pounds, they came to scrape the mulch around the plantations, and I had to remove the rake every evening. Then there were the sheep that also came to the field. “Manufactures according to Nelly and her husband. Eager not to aggravate the situation, they rather played to the appeasement, separating for example from their dog. A Kangal, accused by the neighbor of untimely exits.

Very inadequate for Bernard, trapped in a “persecution experience” in the terms of the psychiatric expert he spoke to during the investigation. The same thing has been emphasized by Bedri’s “harmonious personality” and his “deep respect for the neighborhood”. The couple accepted the provocations without stopping, even when Bernard threw a “dirty bougnoule” at his 16-year-old son. The desired goal? Let yourself be beaten to appear as a victim in history. Every time he asked them, the municipal police or the gendarmes would leave Bernard’s house, stating that they needed proof of the alleged nuisance of their neighbors.

Bedri was dragged by his neighbor with his car for more than 70 meters. The trial took place on Wednesday, June 1, in the court of Nantes. /
Credits: Anaele Pichot


The famous test, Bernard thought he had it on March 19, 2019. That afternoon he followed Bedri, a public works contractor, driving a truck laden with rubble. Twenty rotating terminals to wait to surprise a wild site to be able to immortalize the scene in photo. On a small rural road, Bedri stopped his truck, but to pause to pee. From his Peugeot 308, Bernard hails it. Bedri then approaches the vehicle to ask him the reasons for the harassment. With the phone in his hand, he films Bernard’s first invectives. In the 39 seconds of this recording used by the gendarmes, we clearly hear “dirty Turk”.

A few seconds later, while Bedri is standing next to the driver in the corner of the open door, Bernard activates the reverse gear. Trapped, Bedri is dragged down the road. He quickly loses a shoe, calls Bernard in vain to stop, and then feels the gap approaching. He carries the waltz and the left front wheel passes over his body at pelvic height. A victim of a double hip fracture, Bedri can no longer get up. He manages to call his wife who is lying down. Bernard doesn’t help, quite the contrary. “My car crashed, you son of a bitch,” he said angrily.

Arrested at the time, he is made available to the police for attempted murder before the investigating judge reclassifies the facts as gun violence. At the end of his hearing, Bernard was released under judicial supervision with a ban, still in force three years later, on returning to his home where his wife and daughter remained. For Bernard, it’s a panic-related accident. “I was scared and it was the only solution I found to free myself. Get out of what the president is asking. “He tried to grab me to get me out, his goal was to grab me and kick me.”


In his hearing before the gendarmes, Bernard also said that Bedri had knocked on the door. “Three times yes, to make you believe I wrote it then,” Bernard confirms without blinking. The contradictions of her story do not escape the black dresses. “You really think that when you’re about to attack someone, the first reflex is to take out your cell phone,” the prosecutor said. “We can’t talk about an accident and at the same time talk about self-defense, or is it one or the other,” continues Master Franck Boezec, Nelly’s lawyer, “victim by rebound”, children and Bedri.

Here he arrives at the bar, accompanied by an interpreter who translates as he progresses. He states:

“We had taken out a 20-year loan for this house and we never imagined we would have to sell it after five years. I don’t understand what could have gone wrong. For me it’s clear, he wanted to kill me. I asked him to stop, but he sped up. »

But Bernat does not move:

“It simply came to our notice then. »

What about racist insults?

“I may have said nasty things, but I don’t remember.”

“It’s not unpleasant to say someone is a dirty Turk, he’s racist, sir,” Me Boezec points out. Bernard pauses and then lets go with a small smile:

” May be… “


The contradictions in Bernard’s story do not escape the black robes. /
Credits: Anaele Pichot


Now wearing a prosthesis, Bedri received 120 days of ITT. He was able to return to work six months after the events, but his condition is not yet consolidated, his lawyer is requesting as such a dismissal for civil interests, to accurately quantify the damage. But beyond the physical pain, it was the “feeling of humiliation” that was the hardest to live with.explains Me Boezec, whose voice is carried:

“It’s not the fact that there are chickens and sheep that is a problem, it’s Turkish chickens and sheep! The other, instead of welcoming him, we tell him it’s my house. And then we follow him to report him because he doesn’t have to deposit Turkish rubble on a French road. »

With his hands clasped on his bench, Bernard looks at the ground and prepares to catch the second wave, that of the parquet floor. “It’s a case that makes you shake your spine, I’ve rarely seen a case with so much racial hatred,” the prosecutor begins. While the prevention of ethnicity insults was not retained in prevention, “latent racism” is emphasized as the driving force behind the action. He then punishes the “hatred of the other that the shock and the damage caused have not extinguished.” Indeed, Bedri testified to the gendarmes that Bernard had repeated his racist insults while moaning on the ground. “A deficit of empathy and humanity,” says the proc. Two years in prison plus one year of probation are required.


Indeed, Bedri testified to the gendarmes that Bernard had repeated his racist insults while moaning on the ground. “A deficit of empathy and humanity” according to the prosecutor. /
Credits: Anaele Pichot

Finally, the court sentenced Bernard to one year of house arrest under electronic surveillance plus two years of probation with a ban on contact with victims and a duty of care. He will have to pay 5,000 euros in advance to the family waiting for the hearing to determine the total amount of damages, which will be held in March 2023. Before hanging up the phone, Nelly thought about it:

“Because he could not destroy us psychologically, he tried physically. »


The court sentenced Bernard to one year of house arrest under electronic surveillance plus two years of parole with a ban on contact with victims and a duty of care. /
Credits: Anaele Pichot

(1) Battery names changed.

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