Music of the ad Citroën Aircross Plug-in Hybrid 2022

Citroën introduces its new SUV, the Aircross Plug-in Hybrid in a new campaign. A versatile and elegant vehicle equipped with the latest technologies. Ad music is the title “Gyöngyhajú Lany” of the rock group Omega.

The new Citroën Aircross Plug-in Hybrid 2022

4 years ago, Citroën launched its first c5 Aircross. In 2022, the new hybrid and rechargeable version features an SUV with fine lines and elegance. A few weeks ago, Citroën invited us to serenity with its C5 X hybrid. Comfortable and spacious, the new Citroën Aircross Plug-in Hybrid gives a privileged place to comfort. Therefore, the new advertising campaign was entrusted to the BETC agency and to the film directed by Michel Lawrence. With a touch of humor, irony and a bit of mockery, the ad attacks selfish people who don’t care about their passengers and don’t like having people in the car.

We Plug-in hybrid Citroën Aircross it has some amazing features. Zero emissions, absolute silence and no vibration in electric mode, smooth driving and range of up to 55 km. The heat engine has a power of 225 hp and the charging time varies from 7 hours in a standard terminal to 2 hours in a Green’Up plug. In terms of technology, the Aircross Plug-in Hybrid has intuitive interfaces. It has a customizable digital phone and a 10-inch touch screen tablet. The Aircross is also equipped with the My Citroën app.

The Citroën Aircross Plug-in Hybrid ad “As generous as you”

The new announcement of the new Citroën Aircross Plug-in Hybrid is called “As generous as you are”. We understand the reasons with the text that recites the voiceover throughout the film. “If you are not one of those who lend a hand. Making room for others is not your thing, you don’t care about their comfort. And helping others is not your habit. Let’s be honest, this car really isn’t for you.

The announcement Citroën Aircross plug-in hybrid “As generous as you” first shows a group of friends moving house. They put all their belongings in the trunk of their Citroën Aircross SUV and hit the road. Then we see a couple recharging their vehicle to prepare for the holiday outing with their two children. The latter take their place in the back of the car and fall asleep with their huge stuffed animal, thanks to the quiet driving in electric mode.

The spot continues with a young man and a young woman who are surprised by the rain. They are picked up by a couple. Then we find the band of young people still driving, happy and singing in their car. Then all those other drivers and passengers who enjoy the comfort of the Aircross having served in one way or another.

What is the music for the Citroën Aircross Rechargeable 2022 ad?

For the announcement of the presentation of its new Aicross Plug-in Hybrid, Citroën has chosen a title from the rock group Omega. This is the song “Gyöngyhajú Lany” (the pearly-haired girl) which is taken from the album “10,000 leps” released a 1969. The song has been performed several times in other languages ​​by the group, but has also been performed by other artists, particularly the Scorpions. The title is so successful that it also appears in video games, commercials, and movie soundtracks.

Omega is the most famous Hungarian rock band in the history of music. It was founded in 1962 by 6 members originally. It was about László Benkő, Janos Kobor, Győző Bánkúti, Tamás Künsztler, Péter Lang, Ferenc Tornóczky i Istvan Varsanyi.

Over the years, the band has hosted several other singers and musicians. The latter followed one another during the 40 years of the group’s career. Omega has over 20 studio albums to his credit and is considered a rock legend in Hungary. They have won several awards and received numerous awards for their contribution to the country’s culture.

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