Cupra announces 3 electric and hybrid models!

A few hours after the evening on the Terramar side, the unusual abandoned track from which it all began for Cupra in 2018, one thing is clear: “ambition” has become the key word in Catalonia. Precisely four years after the gestation, on the occasion of the Primavera festival, Cupra mixes fashionable music, neon shows and unconventional and futuristic environments to present not two, but three concepts. The first one, you know, is the Urban Rebel, but Cupra has come a long way since the beginnings of the small electric. Now the interior is known, as part of the data sheet! Three years after its release, however … Also coming are the already successful Tavascan, and the Terramar, a novelty that should take over from the Cupra Ateca with hybrid engines.

Cupra Terramar, the big news

The Terramar portends the future Audi Q3© Cupra

It was, therefore, the real surprise of the evening: the formalization of this famous SUV that had recently been announced during the large investment plan of 10 billion euros in Spain. The Terramar (land and sea in Spanish) is an average SUV 4.50 meters long that will logically take over from the Ateca, although Cupra has hammered it well: the Terramar is not the replacement for the Ateca. This is. But the two are still in the same spirit, with one detail: the Terramar will be both thermal, hybrid and rechargeable hybrid with an announced range of 100 km in electric mode. Which then implies a large capacity battery and a substantial weight, but Cupra says nothing at the moment about the bottom of this Terramar that will be launched in 2024 and will be produced in Hungary, in the factory of the … future Audi Q3.

Cupra Tavascan, the production version

A Cupra Tavascan much more assertive and muscular than its German cousin, the Volkswagen ID.5
A Cupra Tavascan much more assertive and muscular than its German cousin, the Volkswagen ID.5© Cupra

The evening was an opportunity for Cupra to present the production version of the Tavascan, the manufacturer’s first electric SUV. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to approach the beast, which, as soon as the conference ended, was carefully repatriated behind the scenes. At first glance, one observation: Cupra’s new visual signature. The triangular headlights will be applied to all sauces of future models of the Iberian brand, including Leon and Formentor. The Tavascan has been imagined with a rather muscular design, especially on the back with a hyperworked shield and a large strip of light. And again, the famous triangular shapes in the optics. But make no mistake: the Tavascan is a cousin of the Volkswagen ID.5. The basis is, therefore, the MEB platform with 77 kWh batteries and 300 hp for the sporty interpretation of the wise German SUV. On the other hand, ID.5 and Tavascan do not offer the same experience on board! The cockpit and its large dashboard that extend to the floating center console would almost think of an alien ship’s cockpit.. Amazing. The huge central touch screen is driver-oriented and brings together all the comfort features, including air conditioning. Too bad, therefore, for those who waited for buttons or buttons to adjust the temperature. Where will Tavascan take place? Cupra has not yet ruled. If the Terramar and Urban Rebel assembly sites are known, this is not the case with the electric SUV. Although it would be logical for them to be similar to ID.5 in Zwickau, Germany.

Cupra Urban Rebel, the cheapest

The Cupra Urban Rebel is still a concept, but this time it is much closer to the production version, which will be released in 2025.
The Cupra Urban Rebel is still a concept, but this time it is much closer to the production version, which will be released in 2025.© Cupra

Everyone is waiting for the versatile electric car for less than € 25,000, excluding deductions from our beloved governments. Although Cupra has not revealed the price of its Urban Rebel that will be marketed in 2025, we bet on a price close to this threshold so important for many motorists. And what will we get for this budget? The Urban Rebel is a versatile B-segment electric city car. A kind of Ibiza of the future, but with very different proportions: Just over 4 meters long but especially 1.58 meters high: 14 centimeters longer than an Ibiza! Huge, and that’s what explains this funny impression in front of the Urban Rebel, which we just did not specify: is it a pure urban car? An urban crossover? Looking at the proportions, it’s hard to tell.

The data sheet, on the other hand, is less uncertain. The Urban Rebel will be the first car of the Volkswagen group on the MEB platform with … front engine. The rest of Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi and Seat electric city cars, which will be produced in Martorell together with the Urban Rebel, will be entitled to the same recipe.

In the Urban Rebel, the front engine develops 226 hp and tows the Iberian at 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. There are already two versions in the program: a first focused on sport with about 400 km of autonomy, and another, of “long range”, which will go a little further, up to 440 km. The capacity of the battery is still unknown, but given the wheelbase of 2.60 meters and what we know of the Volkswagen group, it should be around 58 kWh.

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