ATP / WTA: Your Five Tips for Online Tennis Betting! #RolandGarros # RG22 #Christmas #Wimbledon #Tennis #Betting

A step-by-step tutorial for betting online on tennis matches. Maximize your chances of winning! Successful online sports betting on tennis in 5 steps. The advent of the net has changed the world of sports betting. Formerly confined to tobacconists, gamblers can now satisfy their passion from home. Online bookmakers have understood the value of retaining this enthusiastic population and are therefore multiplying. offers and game modes. Wondering how to bet on online tennis while browsing through the many options available?

Rafael Nadal, 14 Roland-Garros titles and 22 Grand Slam titles

Compare online bookmakers by reading comparative reviews

First of all, it is necessary Find a trusted bookmaker. In addition to being completely transparent about the money transactions that take place on your site, it should offer you a way to play that is both intuitive and engaging. You can, if you feel like it, go visit the online betting sites one by one and decide. However, there is a much faster solution: benchmarking. A good comparative review on your website addresses as many of the following points as possible:

  • Does the online betting site transfer your winnings without any problems when you want to withdraw them?
  • Are the odds applied by the bookmaker attractive?
  • The comparative review examines the conditions for obtaining the famous welcome voucher and verifies that opting for this voucher is really advantageous for you.
  • Are there enough promotional offers? (refund, bonus on your deposits, free bets …)
  • Does the bookmaker offer all the betting methods that can be applied to tennis?

If one of the bookmakers presented in this test meets all the requirements, you can be sure that you have found the best sports betting site!

Analyze statistics and read predictions to get an idea of ​​the outcome of the match

Make your own prediction … over time, you will realize that this is without a doubt one of the most interesting steps in online tennis betting. To get an idea of ​​the possible outcome of the match, you should consult the information available everywhere on the net and often on the site of the bookmaker itself. Per identify a potential winnerseveral parameters need to be analyzed and compared.

  • What is the nature of the soil: clay? Herba? Difficult? Each tennis player has a style of track in which he stands out especially
  • What are the results of the last matches of each of the two players?
  • What can we conclude by comparing the respective records of the two opponents?
  • What is the general form of the player you are interested in? What is your physical condition? What is your psychological state? Is what is publicly available about your privacy marked by positive or negative events? ‘
  • Choose from the different types of tennis bets available at the bookmaker

    Like all other sports you can bet on, tennis offers different forms of betting. It’s up to you, to begin with focus on what inspires you the most.

    Type of bet and explanation

    – Winner : It’s just a matter of betting on the player who wins the game. Ideal to start with.

    – Total sets : We bet on the number of sets that will be played during the match.

    – Disability : Although a bit complex, this style of betting is interesting, because it rebalances the chances of winning by voluntarily harming the strongest player.

    – Combined : You can combine several bets together to form a single bet. The more bets you combine, the greater the payoff in the event of a good prediction. Combined betting requires some analytical experience

    Place your bet on the site

    Do you want the advice to be useful at this stage? So just remember one thing: keep your head cool in all circumstances! Betting on tennis online is a fun pastime that, if done right, can be a great way to get to the end of the month. But danger is constantly waiting for the bet, and no one is sure. The risk is to play “hot”, based more on your emotions than on a predefined and detailed plan. Playing with instinct, in general, does not give satisfactory results.

    There are a few rules you need to know to set up a routine that will give you every chance of accumulating profits. First of all, never bet more than 2% of your bankroll. In case of loss, it will be easier to recover the bet of the following matches. Similarly, pre-set your bets for the week in advance. Multiply safe small bets instead of making two or three big risky bets. Once you’ve written your plan, follow it at all costs (no last minute irrational bets!).

    Get your winnings back after your bet is successful

    Regardless of the bookmaker you are betting on, the steps to picking up your winnings are quite similar.

  • First of all, remember to validate your account by sending the necessary documents (identity document, bank details, etc.)
  • To transfer money to your bank account, just click the button next to your total winnings
  • Big question: withdraw everything or leave a provision in the bookmaker? Of course, if you apply the wagering rule not exceeding 2% of the funds, you will need to leave the site what you need to bet again.
  • Conclusion

    Lots of tips in this article! However, when it comes to online betting on tennis, it is really you, and only you, who are the heart of the machine. You decide the final prediction after your analysis, and you choose the way to bet … and this is where all the magic lies!

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