With no one behind the wheel, the rental car appears on your doorstep

The taxi business still has many good years ahead of it. Because apart from a few American cities that allow experimentation with driverless cars, the universal rule that every vehicle must be placed under the control of a human being is maintained. “Unless the law specifies whether the driver should go in the vehicle,” said Enn Laansoo, founder of Elmo Rent. Therefore, this car-sharing company, founded in 2013 in Estonia, took the lead control your Nissan Leaf and Renault ZOE remotely, to deposit them at the address indicated by their customers. The aim is to “revolutionize the short-term rental of electric vehicles”.

No need to worry about the parking meter: at the end of the rental, the car leaves alone for its next customer

Elmo is not alone in this promising niche. In England, for example, Imperium Drive showed January 2022 as a “supervisor sitting in front of the computer screen”Can take control of a small electric quadricycle several tens of kilometers away, to drive it to the address indicated by the person reserving its use.

The principle followed by Elmo is exactly the same. “Once they arrive at their destination, the customer who rents one of our electric cars means the end of their journey through our app,” explains Enn Laansoo. “Then a message is automatically sent to one of our supervisors, who takes over and drives the vehicle to his next tenant, with no one behind the wheel.”

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