Luxury Car: Is It Necessarily Inaccessible?

Do you dream of a luxury car but do you think it is beyond your means? If it’s new, probably. But sometimes, why not?

Luxury is fine. Very good even. In 2021, Rolls-Royce was sold more than 5000 new cars, Bugatti 150. So where’s the problem? The money is there, the customers are ready to spend it, everything is going well in the best of worlds!
Wake up from this sweet dream. These are there world figures, not French, and finally, they are still quite modest. No, you can’t afford the car you dream of burning. It’s not new anyway.

The second hand solution

All you have to do is turn to one second, third or fourth hand. After all, who knows but you? And don’t worry, you won’t be the only one. Typically, 3 used cars are sold for each new car. in France. For luxury cars, the opportunities are overwhelmingly the majority. However, precautions must be taken. Scams also exist in the high-end market


As soon as it is registered, a car loses its own new vehicle condition. And so he begins to lose his value. And the higher the value, the harder the fall. When you get home, a new luxury car has already lost 20% of its value. In 5 years it will lose 40% and in 10 years up to 80%. But a 10-year-old car, even a prestigious one, is an old cuckoo clock, right? No. Not necessarily.

Cheaper than you think

A luxury car quickly loses its market value, however well maintained, it remains an object of trust long time. a 2001 Maserati 3200 GT, can be negotiated for 22,500 euros. A Jaguar XJ over 20 years old will not exceed 10 to 15,000 euros, a Bentley or a Rolls from the 90s can be purchased for less than 25,000 euros. Cheaper than a new Renault or Peugeot entry.

Basic precautions

It’s up to you to make sure gravity of the seller and the condition of the car. The research will probably be done on the Internet. Start by choosing a model that suits your needs. A luxury car that stays in the garage is of limited interest. You can turn to an individualtempting, but precautions will need to be multiplied. You can turn to a dealer, will be safer, but more expensive. For information, always on the edge, Rolls-Royce makes 75% of its sales in dealerships on occasion.

The details

You do not see any arrogant spirit in it, but you choose a seller from whom the car is registered in France. This will avoid the nasty surprise of ending up with a model that cannot be approved in France. Where does the dark traffic come from, something quite common in the countryside. Similarly, choose a possibly older second hand instead of a newer third or fourth hand. The first owner of a luxury car will pamper you better than the second or third. The presence of an expert does no harm. Your salesperson will not care, and if so, very bad for him.

The required documents

Probably superfluous advice, but needless to say … the rest you know. When you meet the buyer, step MANDATORY, demand the maintenance record, certificate of technical inspection (yes, even a Lamborghini has to pass it), try to find out which dealership you bought it from and take the opportunity to check the exterior and interior condition of the car.


The issue that can bother you. Yes insurers they were philanthropists, it has been known for a long time. And on this side, there is no discount. Especially because it is more than advisable to insure your jewelry all risks. The contract must include mechanical breakdowns, legal protection, vehicle contents and equipment warranties. Painful, but that is the price of peace.

The interview

Another big budget game. If your dealer gives you a car in good condition, it’s not a miracle. You will need it Carefully hold the object of your desire. Choose a specialist garage and do not skimp on the value of the spare part. Your walking joy will thank you for it. Be careful though, the review to Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin, it’s not cheap. James Bond has the means, you, not always.

The car park

A problem that affects us all, even with an old Jewish harp, but with your new acquisition it will turn out to be a real headache. A niche with a Rolls is possible, but leaving it parked on the street is risky. Therefore, it is necessary to have one secure garage. Here you will also have to put your hand in your wallet. And plan the alarm and everything that follows.

And the electric one?

Don’t count on it too much. In any event, Who dreams of an electric Jaguar? Ecology is far from the main concern of luxury brands. No more than your client’s. That is, the more years go by, the more your joy will be a collector’s item : you will have less and less the right to use it on French and European roads. It’s prosaic, it’s a bit of joy, but it’s a fact.

Not inaccessible, but not easy either

Therefore, buying a luxury car is not it’s not a millionaire’s dream, as long as you’re careful. It is what follows that is complicated. Maintenance, insurance, parking. Your car will become the object of all your attention and can become, in use if not in purchase, a well of money. Especially if you use it sparingly. Going to work for an Aston Martin will not help your relationship with your fellow accountants. Therefore, your luxury car will be reserved for Sunday or public holidays.. Which will probably force you to own it another car for ordinary needs. Unattainable no. But probably a little pricey nonetheless.

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