How to go from tennis to paddle tennis?

It’s no secret that good old tennis players are usually good paddle tennis players. Indeed, Paddle tennis and tennis are two sports that share many things in common. So it is not uncommon for people who are very good at one discipline to do well in another. However, it is not automatic, so in this article we will tell you how to move from tennis to paddle.

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Now let’s get to the topic, which is to become a good paddle tennis player when it comes to tennis.

Use paddle walls well

The first striking difference between the two sports is obviously the presence of paddle walls. And these are not for decorating! You must be able to take advantage of this feature. At a certain level, it is impossible to play well without knowing how to use them.

In fact, one of the main mistakes tennis players make when they start paddling is to try to hit the ball at any cost before it touches the glass. This is often related to the fear of losing the ball, as in tennis. or, waiting for the ball to touch the glass to hit it often improves quality.

Similarly, on a tennis court, the winning shots are often directly related to the power put into the shot. In paddle, due to the walls, a powerful kick can quickly become an easy ball to play the opponent. So you have to learn to read the game well, to know how much strength to put into it when.

Work on different types of strokes

The smash is without a doubt one of the most complex blows in paddle tennis. There are also several types, which differ depending on the position of the players on the field and the ease with which they can shoot.

Paddle tennis is also more “airy” than tennis. Many more points are played over the shoulder and lobes are also common. Therefore, there are many opportunities to use paddle smash, and not all smash is played with the goal of getting points.

Unlike tennis, where a smash ideally concludes a point, some paddle smash is played in order to prepare the point. This is also the case with the most emblematic stroke of paddle: the tray. I noticed good paddle players paste a tray, you’ll seethey don’t put all their strength into it! The goal is to play a good area to maintain the position on the net, and avoid foul at all costs.

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Don’t overlook the wolves

Here’s how to put one together for use with your paddle tennis and tennis it is used differently between the two sports. In fact, perhaps because of his “last chance” tennis shooting image, the lob is totally underestimated among most paddle rookies.

However, the lob is as important as the paddle smash, but it has the flaw of not being so “sexy”. Besides, the best players don’t just rely on their devastating blowsbut counterattack well and rely on forced errors and points earned with excellent lobs.

So, once you know how to defend and use the lob properly, paddle tennis seems a lot easier.

Adapt your movements between the two disciplines

As a rule, a tennis player moves on the court with lateral movements. In paddle tennis it’s just the opposite! Since paddle tennis is always played in doubles, it is especially necessary to move from front to back.

Thus, a big mistake that tennis players make on a paddle tennis court is to make it does not adapt well enough to the size of the terrain. But to win the paddle you have to dominate the field by playing from back to front. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Now you have all the keys in hand to use your tennis knowledge on the paddle courts.

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