Caroline (married at first sight) knocked out by her luxury car, responds in cash

Never has a contestant on the dating program caused a disaster. As a result of this recent controversy, Caroline is reaching saturation point.

Nothing goes well with Caroline!

This sixth season of Casats at first glance leaves us with no respite. In fact, the romance between Caroline and Axel has a string of hiccups. As soon as she puts her eyes on him, she rejects him. And it doesn’t matter if they have the same passion for animals. Experts can justify themselves with the percentage of compatibility, it is increasingly difficult for the public to believe. Also, on the net, some do not hesitate to knock out the couple. Between one who has made no effort and the other who seems naive, all traits are allowed. However, they did not know that the participant knew how to defend herself.

In stories or with our colleagues, he spends his time settling accounts with troublemakers. Plus, everyone takes it for granted. The production, the editing team, the psychologists … she atomizes M6 and seems to have the answer to everything. However, even if it is not about her adventure, will this last turn destabilize her? Objection tells you all the details. Wait, we’re entering a turbulent zone!

Deeply tired of criticism

At least the teamObjection Caroline can be said to be a convinced vegan. On Instagram as in his portrait, he assumes his positions. For example, she is unsure whether she will tolerate her future husband needing powdered chocolate for breakfast. Given that this brand does not meet the standard, it will appeal to those who want to hear it. Unfortunately, he had no idea that his strategy would be counterproductive. A few minutes later, his detractors return to the charge. No, this time it’s not Axel’s defense committee. But many researchers analyze their daily lives with a magnifying glass. The time has come to confront it with its contradictions.

In choosing an atypical living environment, Caroline stands out. In the mountains, not many people are believed, except their dogs. Although she misses socializing from time to time, she tries to convince herself that she is offering a better quality of life to her child. However, when you discover it on board a state-of-the-art sports car, it’s a shock. Instead of letting this episode pass, some will take over and turn it into a matter of state. For his part, Axel’s ex-wife does not move. Although she has the merit of being straight with her boots, she feels that she is paying a high price for it. ” In defending a cause or [qu’on] it has values, our imperfection is constantly analyzed. There are people out there looking for the beast, it’s hell. »

It’s the last drop … Caroline’s vase is overflowing!

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) Caroline_mapr6

The more minutes pass, the more space this vehicle history takes up. Nearly half of the comments in Caroline’s recent posts talk about it. Tired, exhausted, she does her best to break this rumor. This time, it’s enough, he has to stop and the good humor returns to his day to day. This assembly of reproaches is proof that it is exhausted!

As always, Caroline hides in her titanium casing and uses irony as a defense. He takes a voice from someone who knows where and imitates the troublemakers. ” I was told, ‘Caroline, you who have values, you who are eco-responsible, I understand what this sport does to you. » Wrinkling her forehead, she’s a cashier than ever. His accusation will not leave anyone indifferent. “It’s not mine. It wasn’t worth defending. “This has the merit of being clear. The next time we dare to attack her or those around her, we could also have strong arguments before taking action. Remember that even her mother had received harsh criticism from her followers. Objection therefore monitor the reaction of the opposing party. We cross our fingers that everything will return to normal as soon as possible!

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