The Carless Wine Route, the SlowUp Alsace, “is a very fantastic concept”

SlowUp is a quiet, car-free travel experience that combines cycling and wine tourism. For this 8th edition, the participants were there this Sunday, June 5, in different circuits between Bergheim and Dambach-la-Ville.

SlowUp. This somewhat barbaric neologism, a contraction of the English expressions “slow down” (slow down) and “pleasure up” (actually increase pleasure), actually designates a pleasant and quiet day.

Like the previous ones, this 8th edition organized this Sunday, June 5, offered everyone the opportunity to do local tourism at their own pace, part of the Alsace Wine Route, and to taste a few whites, leaving the car in the garage. .
SlowUp’s first principle: move without a motor vehicle. But otherwise, all means of transportation were allowed: bicycle, scooter, rollerblading, or walking, no matter what. Second principle: make stops according to your wishes, to discover local products and enjoy the natural and architectural beauty that surrounds it.

Participants could travel safely on this road between Bergheim and Dambach-la-Ville, which was completely closed to car traffic during the day. They had the opportunity to choose between different loops of 7, 8, 11, 16, 19 or even 38 kilometers, for the bravest.

A thousand volunteers, mobilized for the occasion, offered, to each of the eleven villages crossed, entertainment, music, and something to eat. “It’s really great as a concept” exclaimed one participant, excited. “It’s the first time we’ve done this kind of bike ride, I didn’t expect that.” He himself did not hesitate before the nearly 40-mile loop, because “The course is not difficult.”

The stairs, numerous, were not only allowed, but animated: “There is a great atmosphere, activities and bands in almost every corner. ”

Another participant even showed up “72 miles” on your counter. While acknowledging that there was some deception, as his bike is electric, he was glad: “He gets along with the bike.”

Nearly 40,000 before the two years of health crisis. And for this edition, a success always in the appointment. The concept really seems to have found its audience.

Many participants had even adopted the recommended dress code: white clothes, at least partially. White, the color of the main Alsatian wines.

“SlowUp was first launched in 2013, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Alsace Wine Route” explains Nathalie Kaltenbach, president of Alsace destination tourisme, the tourism agency of the European Community of Alsace, at the origin of the project. “It was to highlight our white wines. And it has been maintained, as the route is largely on the Wine Route.”

Tastings are also an integral part of the pleasure of SlowUp. “We left our village of Kintzheim, to go to Bergheim with friends “ said another participant. “In every village, we stopped to quench our thirst. It’s a holiday.”

Even culture lovers could find their own way, as some tours offered places to visit. “Along the way, we present prominent tourist sites for operators in the sector: the humanist library of Selestat, the workshops of the Seigneurie d’Andlau, the castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg” also specifies Nathalie Kaltenbach.

Because SlowUp is all about that. A cheerful mix of simple and varied pleasures, from which everyone can extract what really suits them. As long as you take the time to savor them quietly, without stress.

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