VIDEOS. Fanny has been crossing America for a year with Suzanne, an 80-year-old Citroën car.

Fanny Adam and her Citroën Traction in the United States for their expedition to Earth America. © Terra América

An old car, a report, 16 countries crossed, 21 villages found and 40,000 km traveled. Here’s how to sum up the adventure of Fanny Adam, resident of Lorient (Morbihan). The Breton has since left August 5, 2021driving his Citroën Traction, on the Pan American Highway, the longest road in the world. It extends from north to south of the Americas.

Driving an 80 year old car

The Breton wanted to make a long journey. Therefore, he chose to travel to the legendary Pan American:

I wanted to do this extraordinary route with a French car whose design coincided with the time of construction of this road, around 1930, and which today crosses 16 countries in the Americas. The Citroën Traction Avant (model 11 Normal) is the perfect car! An all-terrain, simple and popular car.

Fanny Adam
Fanny Adam and her Citroën traction
Fanny Adam in her Citroën Traction. © Terra América

Originally from Lorient, Fanny Adam, a chemical engineer, is passionate about it sailing and motor sport. The plan to leave with an octogenarian car seems crazy, but she has prepared everything to the smallest detail. The car gave him the Citroën Conservatory of Aulnay-sous-Bois. The vehicle was purchased at Robert Muller, near Lyon, which had already prepared him for long journeys. “This car has been traveling all over the world for the last 20 years and it is without a doubt the most driven Citroën Traction and the one with the best preparation in the world for this type of travel,” he laughs. .

Get to know the indigenous peoples

Fanny Adam’s journey is underway. She’s going to listen indigenous peoples of America which represent only 6% of the population. She gives them a voice:

Terra América is a documentary expedition, meaning I travel with a camera filming my experience along the way, but also the interviews and other encounters I have with indigenous communities. This is the editorial line of this journey. Indigenous peoples represent the common denominator of the countries I cross from north to south.

Fanny Adam

The testimonies will be forwarded to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

An expedition across a continent

the August 31, 2021Fanny Adam and her traction began Prudhoe Bay on the shores of the Arctic Ocean Alaska. If all goes well for the crew, Fanny and her team will arrive in Ushuaia on Tierra del Fuego on January 2023. They have been coming lately Mexico City after more than 100 days of accumulated travel and 25,000 km traveled.

Videos: currently on Actu

Humanly, these are great experiences. I have fond memories of each of these encounters. And my great pride is to maintain strong ties, despite continuing to advance in my adventure.

Fanny Adam

Every day, Fanny keeps a logbook on her website. You can follow Fanny and Suzanne’s journey as if they were there.

Not an easy organization

If going to America before seemed easy, all you had to do was buy a ticket and get on a plane in 2021. Covid-19 made things much more complicated for Fanny Adam and her traction:

It was a difficult time to travel, but I didn’t give up, I believed in it and I always found solutions to move forward. You have to be imaginative and resilient.

Fanny Adam

In addition, organizing such an odyssey requires many partners such as The Citroën Adventure or the Automobile Sports Association. “We are always looking for new partners to continue this unprecedented adventure. The road is still long Ushuaia in the south of Argentina and we need support, ”says the Breton, who has not yet finished her journey.

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