Tennis Manager 2022 game review (PC, MAC)

Have you always dreamed of being a manager of everything related to tennis? Well, here’s your chance!

thanks to Bounce CG who provided us with a free copy of the game for media coverage and testing. Therefore, the publisher / developer authorizes us to distribute and / or use excerpts from the game for our production needs and does not intervene in any way in the award of the final grade. #Article 13 Free

The dream of being a tennis coach

Just in time for the start of the big tournament Roland Garros, Bounce CG they released the second version of their management game Tennis Manager 2022. The goal is simple: to become a tennis coach and manager of a tennis academy to have the best tennis players in the world on your team. But before you can find the world number one on your team, you have to work hard. Are you ready to start running your own academy?

From the beginning of your managerial career, you have the job done for you. You will have to take several options. You can train your main player or you can just hire another coach to do the work for you.

Management of the Academy

As a matter of fact, there are several options available. From the start of the game, you have two options available. Either to manage an existing academy or to create a new academy. During creation, you can choose the level of investment and reputation of your academy. Then, for weeks of play, you will receive emails of your analysis with options to take, financial management, after-game interview requests, and tournament invitations.

With the money you earn, you will be able to invest in your infrastructure or hire new and more competent staff. The more you invest in your academy, the more qualified staff you can hire to support your team. But beware, not all qualified and available staff will be interested in working for you, it’s all a matter of the good reputation you’ve managed to create.

Manage your player’s schedule

Another point to keep in mind is managing your player’s schedule. You will register your player for the tournaments. All types of tournaments available based on your player’s score.

When you decide not to register your player for a tournament during your break week, there are several training options. Sometimes you will receive invitations from the tournament organizers.

Games, sets and matches

During a game of your player, you will have access to a lot of statistics of the player you are facing. In addition, your employees will give you the strengths, weaknesses of your opponent and the difficulty of the match. You can decide whether to simulate the match or to watch the match. In case you decide to watch the game, there will be various camera angles or game speeds available. But don’t forget that you don’t control your player. From the start of the match, you will be able to cheer on your player with the choices you have made. However, if you make a wrong decision, your player may lose motivation.

During the game, you will again cheer, congratulate, motivate or criticize your player around 1 game out of 5. You can also ask your player to change their strategy or increase their intensity. After each round, your analysts will give you points for improvement, which will allow you to change your match strategy. I loved the management of the party.

As in real life, we have to take into account the fatigue, the morale, the management of emotions and the form of the player. When all is well, the player can easily win their matches. But on the contrary, when the player starts to lose a few online tournaments in the 1st or 2nd round, the player’s form becomes poor. The slope is very hard to climb afterwards. Then try to register the player with less important tournaments to get back in shape.

Official license

The game does not have the official license of the professional circuit, all the names of the players or the name of the tournaments are fictitious. However, community players have made changes to the actual information.

Rebound CG has released an excellent tennis management game. Tennis Manager 2022 offers several options available, the game is very realistic. To be the number one player in the world or to have an excellent academy, you will have several hours to devote to the game. I have spent about 18 hours playing time and my best player is currently the 17th in the world. Some small issues to fix for the next version and the addition of the ability to play doubles will be welcome for the next version. If you are a fan of the management game and also a fan of tennis, the game is for you!


Game Test: Score 8


  • Very good service life
  • Good management of the player during the match
  • Excellent management of the academy
  • Very realistic overall
  • Many game options available
  • Easy to learn menu interface

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Please note that the tested version is enabled computer. The game is also available on MAC.

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