the best places to bet in 2022

The tennis season is in full swing with the Roland Garros 2 tournamentn / a Grand Slam of the season. Soon in the middle of the season, the rest of 2022 will still be made up of big tournaments where you can place your tennis bets. Here are all our tips on where to find the best tennis odds for bothnde part of the ATP and WTA 2022 calendar.

Tennis odds: which tournaments to bet on 2th part of the season?

Despite the past 5 months of competition, the 2022 tennis season is still far from having delivered its verdict. There are still many tournaments to play on every continent and finding the best tennis odds will still be possible during several important events. Summary of the main tournaments that will take place during the second half of the season:

Wimbledon, the oldest tournament in the world

Only 3 weeks after Roland Garros will it open on the 3rdth Wimbledon Grand Slam Tournament of the Season. Played on the grass of London, the oldest tournament in the world (created in 1877) and made up of unique traditions (mandatory white dress, greeting in the presidential stands, etc.), is the favorite of many players. All the best will be present (except for the Russians and Belarusians, who are banned from entering the tournament) and it will be easy for you to find the best tennis odds with 256 players at the start and 254 matches in total.

US Open, the American dream

What if the best tennis odds to catch were at the U.S. Open? Last round of the Grand Slam, the New York tournament always offers a little more amazing results. Played in September, the organisms start firing and the level differences are less noticeable. All you have to do is feel good about tennis and try to win big!

And many more tournaments

If the 2 Grand Slam tournaments are the main events for the rest of the season, the Master 1000 the call will not be missed either. US preparatory tour for US Open (Canada i Cincinnati) could make you happy with very interesting tennis odds. Then, after the last GC, the Master 1000 of Shanghai i Paris will allow players to get their tickets for the Master in November in Turin for men and Guadalajara for women (bringing together the top 8 players of the 2022 season). As with the U.S. Open, the end of the season offers surprises, so it’s time to find the right tennis odds to try your bet!

What places to find the best tennis odds?

Now that you have all the information about the major tournaments that will make up the 2ndnde part of the tennis season, it’s time to choose which sports betting sites you can find the best tennis odds for each match and tournament. The market is made up of many bookmakers, but here are our top 3 places where you can place your tennis bet safely:

Sports betting : landmark in France. Belonging to the FDJ, this bookmaker offers very interesting odds while being reliable and secure. To be recommended without restrictions!

Unibet : a real stronghold in the sports betting market, Unibet is a safe bet. A wide selection of available sports, a customer service that matches the assessments at the level of the competition make it a quality option.

Winamax : Known for poker, Winamax offers the best odds among all the bookmakers on the market. With a wide variety of sports, we can only recommend this place.

Tennis Odds: Our tip for making your tennis bet

You are now ready to enter the world of sports betting. Here are some tips that may be helpful:

  • Get to know tennis – just look at the rankings and bet. Take the time to find information about the players, this will lead you to the best bet to try the best tennis odds possible
  • The experts are there to help you: the tennis experts will advise you, offer you the most interesting tennis odds of the day. So listen to them!
  • Play smart: Don’t take unnecessary risks. Start with a simple bet on the match or a set, but do not venture into a combination that could result in your loss.
  • Be reasonable: betting on sports is playing with your money. Be careful and bet only the money available. And most importantly, don’t overdo your budget.

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