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I had the pleasure of trying out the Jaguar P400 E and will share with you my experience as well as the many benefits it has. Hopefully this will let you know more about electric cars. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. I will try others in the coming weeks Tesla Mag.

Introducing the Jaguar P400E, plug-in hybrid

It is quite confusing to discover a hybrid model of the brand known for its luxury and sports cars. It offers here a very aesthetic SUV model and symbol of the British giant. So we could see a restyling that will appeal to drivers who want to combine the elegance of a Jaguar with the growing energy transition.

Jaguar offers us a 404 hp hybrid model consisting of a 105 kW electric motor and a 2-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that is combined with a converter to run the vehicle’s engine.

The model we tested was black called Santorini Black, with a paint quality clearly superior to many models on the market.

Good points

While the model tested was black, which is pretty basic for existing models, the vehicle looked shiny, the paint black reflects strongly and creates a light effect. The front and rear bumpers are well designed and integrate with the image of the car, a bestial model but at the same time adapted to the urban universe with the imposing grille of the vehicle.

The Jaguar is wide front and rear and the vehicle has a three-turn folding rear seat. The trunk is also important, although the battery is slightly amputated, ranging from 619 to 1669L when the rear seat is lowered.

It is an impressive model that certainly takes up space in the city but offers a panel of driving aids with reversing camera, aids to start uphill and an electronic traction control system.

We also have at your disposal SUV-worthy driving systems with four different modes for all types of terrain and climate.

In addition, there is a panoramic sliding roof, which is certainly not negligible as long as the weather allows!

The aesthetics of the car


The car is stunning but perfectly maneuverable and quiet in electric mode. It has rims that accentuate its elegance while absorbing its weight. The front is a bit reminiscent of the Rolls Royce model, revealing the famous Jaguar logo and the back is vaulted but very stylish, letting the front dominate the car thanks to its lucky driver!

There are two spaces to recharge the electric motor that you open manually on one side and on the other for the gasoline that you activate from the car.


When you get into this vehicle, you notice the English touch of Jaguar with a leather and seam interior, as well as a padded effect on the front seats and the Jaguar logo to remind you of the speed of this brand. The panoramic roof overlooked our heads and gave us a special view of Paris.

There’s plenty of storage space and an induction charger, as well as USB plugs and a little aesthetic touch that I especially appreciated – the bright blue Jaguar logo at the foot of the driver’s and passenger’s doors. There are also aluminum sheets on top of the doors here and there that create a sports car effect as a reminder of the models the brand offers.

The board

The dashboard is very wide and the three-spoke steering wheel is quite high which allows a better fit than in low cars, for the controls we have everything at hand. So, from the steering wheel, you can control the driving assistants, the telephone and observe the level of load of the vehicle in the passenger compartment as well as a map of the streets around you. The car is very well soundproofed, we made calls and the sound was perfect.

Apple Carplay

At the wheel, the seats are comfortable and driving comfort is also linked to the adaptive suspensions that effectively manage and absorb the various obstacles on the road. Although with its batteries, this P400e vehicle is heavier, but it is incredibly agile. We have an excellent Meridian Hi-Fi system and also one CarPlay thanks to a fairly large touch screen that makes the dashboard easier to use because the space it occupies only leaves room for essential buttons, such as air conditioning and reclining seat. This touch pad is extremely easy to access and allows us to find the terminals in our path and connect directly to our phone by connecting it to the USB port.


The cables are long enough to have no problems during recharging, so we have a cable embedded in the trunk. It takes 45 minutes to refuel on a 32 kW fast charging terminal with power and 2 hours on a small 7.4 kW terminal. However, you have gas if you have to move.

The charging cable is at the bottom of the suitcase, which saves space.


We haven’t ventured into the mountains or the winding places to test all its power, but in general you can reach 46 km in full electric, as well as a function of a saving mode that will allow you to recharge your vehicle’s battery. by means of the heat engine.


The model we presented to you is available on the market at a price of € 91,900

This price can vary depending on the options you choose and it is a good commitment to choose a green and still sporty driving in a very spacious and state-of-the-art space.

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Similar models

– Volvo XC60 is a kind of reduced (and more dynamic) XC90, the new XC60 mainly capitalizes on its content of comfort and technological safety. Especially when it comes to semi-automated driving assistance, with new features in the category. On the engine side, there are 4 cylinders D4 and D5 (190 and 235 hp) in diesel, T5 and T6 (254 and 320 hp) in gasoline. It also offers a plug-in hybrid (T8, 407 hp combined power) It will cost you € 69,780 if you want the option of sunroof as in our test model.

-BMW X3: Typical elements of the X line give the front of the BMW X3 a very distinctive look. BMW’s particularly angular grille, as well as the new bumper with vertical air intakes in a triangular interpretation, highlight its exceptional character. The full LED headlights complete the overall image of the BMW X3 with a modern expression. The interior of this model is also very impressive and offers the advantage of more responsible driving in a hybrid from € 79,000.

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