Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, the fastest car in the world in testing

In its recent history, Bugatti’s notoriety was built on successive speed records. Even today, it is the fastest Alsatian car in the world, having reached 490,484 km / h in the summer of 2019 on the Ehra-Lessien track in Germany. Since then, SSC tried with its Tuatara, announcing that it exceeded 500 km / h, but it turned out that the operation was manipulated. While waiting for the American manufacturer to try again, or to be overtaken by Hennessey or Koenigsegg, Bugatti is therefore at the forefront.

It wasn’t with any Chiron that Bugatti broke his record; a specific version has been developed for the needs of the cause. Aerodynamics, in particular, has been reworked, with an extended back of 23 cm to reduce drag. Aesthetically, it balances the silhouette of this hypercar, while at the same time being an award for the fastest cars that have raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which used the same device to gain top speed on the Mulsanne straight. The diffuser has also been widened, while the front fender poles allow air to escape that could accumulate in the wheel arches, with the risk of disrupting the trajectory.

A Bugatti restricted to 440 km / h

After a first edition of Super Sport 300+, limited to thirty copies and with the black and orange pound of the record car, this avant-garde version was available in Super Sport “in the short term”. Officially, no production figures are set, but the Chiron from which it is derived, limited to 500 copies, should be manufactured to less than fifty. The only difference with the car that exceeded 490 km / h is in electronic limiter that limits speed to 440 km / h, to ensure the safety of customers, who have nothing to do with professional drivers.. This is not a luxury, according to Andy Wallace, the official Bugatti driver who got the performance. “The tilt angle of the front axle is chosen to ensure high-speed stability. But beyond 460 km / h, the gyroscopic effect of the wheels is so great that the trajectory must be constantly correct “.

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