Muscular arrest in Vichy, discomfort behind the wheel … The different events of this Tuesday in Auvergne soon

Two injured in a collision between a car and a motorcycle in Thiers

A car and a motorcycle collided at an intersection between Première-Armée Avenue and Gardelle Road in Thiers on Monday at around 5.45pm. The driver of the motorcycle and his passenger were slightly injured in the accident. They were taken to Thiers Hospital. Thiers firefighters intervened to assist them and gendarmes from the Thiers brigade community were present to ensure the resumption of traffic.

A young driver seriously injured on a road trip in Marat

A 21-year-old motorist driving on the D906, in the town of Marat, lost control of his vehicle, which left the road on Tuesday at around 11.45 am at the junction with the D40. The young man had to be released by firefighters from Olliergues and Ambert. Seriously injured, he was treated by a Smur team in Clermont-Ferrand and transported to University Hospital by Dragon 63, the Civil Security helicopter. The gendarmes of Olliergues also took part.

A hiker rescued in Sancy

Soldiers from the Mont-Dore Mountain Gendarmerie Section intervened on Saturday afternoon to rescue a 23-year-old hiker who had sprained her ankle while descending the Puy de Sancy. The young woman was transported by helicopter from the Egletons Gendarmerie Air Detachment (Dag) to the PGM. She was then taken by firefighters to Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital.

Fifty people rescued after a fire in a building in the neighborhood of Presles de Cusset (Allier)

He suspects a robbery in a camp in Pont-du-Château

Many irrigation systems, which fit certain crops, are now equipped with alarms to prevent the theft of copper cables. One of them broke out Monday night in Pont-du-Château. When the owner of the ramp in question, a farmer, went to the scene, he surprised two individuals who needed heels. The farmer, with the help of the employees, managed to intercept them. The gendarmes, who had been called, then arrested them. The two men, who had not stolen anything, were released at the end of their police custody.


The septuagenarian allegedly had an illness behind the wheel in Montluçon

A 75-year-old driver, who allegedly felt unwell behind the wheel, lost control of his vehicle on Monday 31 May shortly after 4pm while driving on the rue de la Comédie in Montluçon. The latter collided with three security posts located in the Place de la Comédie, before the end of the race, about ten meters away, against other security posts, on the side of the theater. Surprisingly, the septuagenarian, who was driving alone, was treated by firefighters before being taken to the hospital in Montluçon. For their part, the police made the usual findings. Traffic was disrupted on this lane for an hour, when it was time to clear the road.

Gendarmes rue de Paris, in Vichy, for arrests

An unusual gendarmerie device was deployed this Tuesday morning on the rue de Paris in Vichy as part of a rogatory commission commissioned by an Isère investigating judge. “Several people were arrested and detained,” said Vienna court prosecutor Audrey Quey, who did not provide further information on the case under investigation. People were heard for alleged acts of concealment and theft of vehicles committed in the department of Isère. In this judicial operation, gendarmes from the Vichy brigade community were mobilized in support of their Isère counterparts.

premium Urbex enthusiasts convicted of breaking into a property in Broût-Vernet (Allier)

Collision between two cars in the town of Espinasse-Vozelle

A collision between two cars took place on Tuesday afternoon in the town of Espinasse-Vozelle, near a junction between RD 215 and RD 222. Complaining of chest and head pain after activation of the airbags of her vehicle, a driver resident in Gannat. he was taken to Vichy Hospital. The other motorcyclist, a neighbor of Vichy who was traveling in the second vehicle involved in this accident, was unharmed.


A fire broke out in a second home in Trémouille

At around 4.10pm on Tuesday, firefighters were alerted to a fire in a house attached to a farm in a place called “Le Coudert” in the town of Trémouille. Firefighters managed to prevent the flames from spreading and confining them to the unoccupied house, which was completely destroyed. The cause of the fire in this empty second home is unknown at this time. Aurillac’s criminal identification technicians are expected at the site this Wednesday.

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