Volvo XC60 Recharge T6 remodeled test (2022): hybrid and familiar

Under its discreet restyling, the XC60 actually hides new batteries and a more powerful electric motor. What a sublime this family SUV that only gives one will: take a four-way road trip and line up the miles.

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We can’t blame you for not seeing at first glance the small aesthetic changes made during the restyling of the Volvo XC60 in 2021. Because to differentiate the new XC60s that have been on our roads since last fall, you have to keep an eye on linx: only the bumpers evolve a bit! But it proves that the original design was well thought out, the optics are the same and the 2022 vintage XC60 doesn’t look old for all that. Sometimes a real SUV, rather a very tall van with legs from certain angles, the Swede is nonetheless an elegant and refined car, which plays the card of sport-chic without falling into excessive aggression.

To complete this silhouette, you need at least 20-inch wheels to properly fill the wheel arches, as it was equipped with our test model. For those who find it too wise, the Polestar Engineered version, in addition to offering the most powerful engine in the catalog, also features more aggressive shields, prominent fender extensions and beautiful 21-inch forged rims. But it is rather towards an Ultimate plush finish that we are heading, in order to taste the Scandinavian luxury.

cozy cocoon

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This impression of not being exaggerated, Volvo also knows how to cultivate it in its booths. The XC60 is no exception to the rule, taking advantage of interior quite minimalist but ergonomic and functional. And if our test model was set up with metal inserts, there is also warmer wood in the catalog. In any case, we recommend the magnificent Wool Blend Upholstery, which has the advantage of having interesting thermal properties regardless of temperature: it does not burn as it does with the skin in summer and never freezes in winter! It remains to be seen if he does not take pills over time, but there are treatments to prevent this phenomenon. For the rest, it feels good both front and back and the very large glass ceiling included in the Ultimate finish bathes second-row passengers with light. They also benefit from a comfortable seat and well-designed seats that don’t get tired on long trips. The trunk is given for 468 l.

In this universe with an exemplary finish and precise assemblies coated with valuable materials, however, there is a drawback. The new multimedia system designed by Googleif it’s easy enough to handle and controlled by a responsive touch screen, but one key point is lost: in fact it was Android Auto can’t be made to work during the 10 days we were able to test the car. Wired or wireless, even following the instructions in the manual, it is impossible to replicate the smartphone on the center screen. Sure, apps like Maps and Spotify are native to the car, but for anyone who wants to use Waze, it’s the tab. Mainly because the handy alternative GPS isn’t available in the car’s Play Store either. A connected Google service that offers less than a smartphone from the same brand (we tried to connect a Pixel 6) is a shame!

king of the road

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Apart from this small inconvenience, there is little to complain about the XC60 once behind the wheel, especially when the latter is equipped with the air suspension. This € 2,430 option is almost a must as it makes the SUV a pleasant travel companion that puts comfort at the center of your priorities. Without completely erasing all the roughness of the road, the active chassis, however, does not you never heard any percussion in the cabin and play with brilliant relief. Big tires or not, there are very few crashes on board and aligning the miles is a real pleasure. And if traveling is the first quality of this premium viking, there is also a certain know-how when switching to Power mode and the piloted suspension hardens a bit. Don’t think that the XC60 is becoming sporty, but it is he knows how to stay in the curves effectively and needs the round enough to keep a good pace in the turns sequences. No miracle on the part of management, however, where the feeling is absent despite a pleasant consistency and accuracy. But whatever, check out the € 2,700 Bowers & Wilkins sound option and you’ll have one of the best hi-fi equipment on board in a premium car (excluding luxury cars such as the S-Class, Bentley and others) to calm you down.

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Convincing hybrid

Since the restyling, the XC60 only exists in an electrified version. Either a micro-hybrid diesel, a solution that will suit large motorcyclists, or a refillable gasoline hybrid, as is the case with our T6 recharge. The latter associates 253 hp 4-cylinder turbo gasoline engine and a 145 hp electric motor for a very decent performance, with a 0 to 100 km / h achieved in less than 6 s. Added to this is the immediacy of electricity and the ups and downs are guns, so there are never any questions to move forward or fit into traffic.

test volvo xc60 recharge t6 2022

Everything is married to very smooth 8-speed automatic transmission who knows how to forget every day. Finally, the transition between thermal and electrical is simply imperceptible as Volvo has worked on soundproofing and controlled the vibrations of the thermal block. Hat!

Understand the plug-in hybrid

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When it comes to consumption, it’s no surprise that we have the good and bad sides of plug-in hybrid technology. They understand that on the freeway, it will cost you less than 9.5 l / 100 km or even 10 l / 100 km if you use adaptive cruise control. : the latter is a bit brutal in their reactions and even if you adjust the distance between you and the car in front of you to a minimum, it persists in braking very quickly and aggressively, inexorably generating a great boost (and therefore consumption of fuel). increased) then. Don’t forget to put the battery in maintenance charge mode. to encourage combustion and prevent the electric motor from taking over at high speed, where it consumes more power and discharges the battery stupidly, at high speed.

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On average journeys of about 120 km, on the other hand, the large 18.8 kWh battery works wonders (11.6 kWh before). It is possible to easily drive more than 60 km in fully electric mode in the city and about 45 km by road. as long as the relief is not too pronounced. Thus, you can easily make daily trips consuming between 0 and 4 l / 100 km, depending on the distance and the ardor with which you press the accelerator. To bring the system to its limits, we even put it to the ruthless mountain test. 100% charged battery, we leave Grenoble towards the ski resort of Chamrousse. We were able to cover 28 km without starting the heat engine once, which is already impressive considering the difference in level. It was followed by many round trips to take photos, two or three passages at a steady pace and then a well-deserved lunch break before heading down to Grenoble. On the descent, gearbox mode B hitched (the latter maximizes regenerative braking and allows you to drive with just the right foot, as the car brakes to a complete stop releasing the accelerator), the system has been able to regain more than 12 km of electric range. Thus, we returned to the fold with the only force of the current, not having it consumed only 4.4 liters of gasoline after 100 km, half of which were on mountain roads. Good score when you know the beast claims anyway 2,156 kg empty.

Fees charged

So the 2022 vintage Volvo XC60 is decidedly family-oriented, to be simple but high-end, equipped with all the equipment you would expect from a car of this size, and spacious. All without forgetting quality road services with air suspension and an interesting hybrid version Recharge T6, as much as enough. The most powerful T8 has exactly the same battery and the same electric motor, so you will only gain in performance but not in autonomy or consumption. No need to veil your face, it’s not when you pay the bill that you do business. Available from € 59,230, the XC60 is exchanged for at least € 72,130 in a plug-in hybrid. Do you want our ultimate finish and exact setup? Count instead € 88,810, a hellish ticket but a price in line with premium competition. However, with only 27 g / km of CO2, companies are entitled to a lifetime TVS exemption if the car is purchased in a professional setting. It has always been taken!

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Many thanks to Marlène for her help with the dynamic images.

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