Toulousain Nuwo offers to change your company car for a bicycle

Replacing the company car with a company bike? This is what Nuwo offers. Launched in 2021, the Toulouse-based company wants to decarbonise commuting from home and work and encourage employees to cycle instead of driving to cover short distances.

“The initial idea was to create an impactful business. What we decided on was when we noticed that 60% of home-to-work commutes of less than five kilometers were done by car. The company’s bike could be used by the worker for their commute from home to work but also personal and professional. This is a market that has not been addressed until now. The only way to have a bike was either personal purchase, or personal rental. ” , explains Nicolas Lutzi, co-founder of the start-up Nuwo.

How does the Nuwo service work? The affected company or worker contacts the company. After conversations with decision makers, human resources or mobility agents, the Toulouse startup helps the employee find the bike that corresponds to their use and drafts a rental agreement.

Thus, Nuwo offers a wide selection of bicycles, from traditional to electric, including the charge for parents who have to leave their child at school before going to the office, for example, or until and all folding bikes for those who do not have them. a place to store for the night or to practice intermodality. “We offer beautiful quality bikes where driving positions are pleasant. We have exceptional bicycles in circulation, worth more than 5,000 euros“, says the leader.

An advantageous price for the worker and his company

The price of the service depends on the choice of bicycle as well as the duration of the contract. Part of the bill is borne by the employer and another by the worker. For example, for a traditional mechanical bicycle suitable for regular commutes, the monthly rent will be 15 euros for the company and the rest will be charged with 8 euros for the employee. For an electric bicycle, in general the most requested model, the fee for the employee is around 30 euros, that of the company about fifty euros. The offer includes insurance (breakdown and theft) and maintenance to avoid negligent maintenance of the bike, the main cause of accidents.

“To benefit from a 25% tax exemption thanks to the mobility guidance law dating back to 2009, we recommend three-year contracts to companies. The economic dimension for employees can be an important decision factor given the price of gasoline. “

At the end of the contract, the start-up offers the worker the repurchase of the bicycle at a preferential price to give him a second life, otherwise it is put back into service on a second-hand or rental circuit if it is the condition allows.

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Launch the offer in cycling enthusiasts

Officially launched in 2022, the Nuwo service is available in the Toulouse region, but also in certain cities in Occitania. The young shooter wants to extend its offer beyond its region of origin, in cities that have a significant budget for bicycles. She is especially interested in the capital. Headquartered in the Pink City, along the Canal du Midi, the company would target these future markets, geographically far from its headquarters through “partner bike shops“.

“We are interested in companies with a national presence, to develop in the cities where they are established. We will go where our customers need us and according to the opportunities.”

Become the French leader in functional bicycles

The company, which is just beginning its commercial development, has its first customers. At the moment, the typical profile of the latter is that of a company with a size of less than 100 employees where the decision-making process is faster. In 2022, it aims to sign a dozen contracts, each with an average of about ten users.

“This represents many benefits for companies. This will have an impact on CSR, in the global ecology. But it is also a great solution in terms of attractiveness, brand image and quality of life in the “Companies have a role to play in the current madness of cycling,” he says.

The company would have to hire two people, in 2022, in the commercial and marketing part in order to expand its workforce by six workers. Over the next few years, depending on growth, Nuwo wants to create about ten jobs a year. From now on, the goal is to accelerate business development to become “Short term“the French leader in functional bicycles in a market”stuttering“.

“Our ambition is to turn the people who drive the car into bicycles. We want to make it easier for the employee who wants to change to a bicycle to act, to put them in the right conditions to take the step. To see that ecological and economic issues encourage employees to rethink their mode of travel and companies to find their role in this ecosystem “, concludes Nicolas Lutzi.

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