Lot: Why Legislative Candidates Campaign in Old Cars

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In the first district of the Lot, Rémi Branco is driving in a Citroën tube on the left when Aurélien Pradié moves in 4L for Les Républicains. Political marketing or a commitment to rurality?

On the left, at the starting line, a turquoise Citroën TUB. On the right, a white 4L convertible. In the first constituency of Lot, Rémi Branco, the candidate of the Republican left and Aurélien Pradié, the candidate of the Republicans, have decided to drive an old car in his race for the legislative elections. A sincere choice for your territory? Or reasons to convince faster? Probably a bit of both.

It must be said that Aurélien Pradié is not in his first campaign with an old race car. In 2017, he was already conducting the Lot survey in a Citroën Méhari ahead of the legislative elections. History will not tell if it was thanks to the car, but the candidate won the deputation. Long before that, in 2008, he had made his first political campaign with a moped for the cantonal elections before being elected to the canton of Labastide-Murat. “I was 21 then and couldn’t afford a car,” he says. For his new campaign, the outgoing MP returned naturally. “The 4L is a local car, it looks like the Lot, it’s simple, robust and authentic,” said the deputy. The idea of ​​a certain happy rurality. And then there’s also the car Georges Pompidou was driving in when he came on holiday to the Lot.

During the launch of Aurélien Pradié’s campaign.

“I use it mainly to go to public meetings and to go door to door,” the MP notes. So in small towns, he parks, pulls his kakemono out of the trunk, and increases the sound of the speaker in the trunk of the 4L. “The people of Lot are no longer even surprised,” he said. Critics of the right-wing candidate accuse him of navigating folklore. For Aurélien Pradié, it’s not: “It’s not about political marketing, it’s not about clowning in staging, it’s a car I bought a few years ago, I already used it in my day to day life and I I will keep it after the campaign, I would never have thought of renting or buying a vehicle to look like the campaign “, he slips.

On the left, the TUB for an itinerant campaign

Image of a folklore recovered for political purposes, Rémi Branco also sweeps with the back of his hand. “I entered the campaign with the idea of ​​going from village to village so that politics would come to Lotois and not the other way around,” says the Republican left-wing candidate and also vice president of the Department of Agriculture. The choice of an old Citroën TUB model, also known as the H-type, was the best answer to its itinerant campaign. At least the most comfortable and “efficient”. “I chose not to have a country room, so I had to look for and rent a vehicle that could carry easels, tables, stools, bottles of Cahors wine and duck products,” he explains. The candidate from the left acknowledges this: “I was inspired by the food truck of Jérôme Prévost al Lot, the troubadour of flavors, to also promote good local products.”

Rémi Branco's campaigns on TUB.

Rémi Branco’s campaigns on TUB.

Rémi Branco is a snack campaign. And he claims: “People sometimes wait for a desk in a town hall, coexistence must prevail, I speak at my meetings while I talk during the aperitif, I keep it simple, this is the image that also shows the Citroën TUB.” When Aurélien Pradié turned on the sound system in the trunk of his 4L, Rémi Branco unpacked the aperitif in his van. Two bedrooms, two not so far away rooms. “Exchange with the locals, we talk about my proposals while tasting products from here,” he said. A sting, according to him, to “artisans and an era.” The TUB holds up. Vers, Labastide-Murat, Le Vigan and Saint-Germain-du-Bel Air … A new village every day. To the beat of the TUB: slowly but surely.

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