from boy band to tennis, who is the Russian opposite Sinner?

RUBLEV. Against the Italian Jannik Sinner, the Russian Andrey Rublev is part of this impressive new generation of tennis.

If Daniil Medvedev has become the benchmark of Russian tennis for some years, Andrey Rublev is part of the new generation of world tennis. Against the Italian Jannik Sinner, the Russian will have to control his emotions, his big fault according to him as he explained in a press conference. “Shut up if you want to win. Because if you’re still frustrating, I don’t know, like against (Federico) Delbonis at the end of the second set (in the second round), Kwon (Soon-woo) after the first set (in the first round) or “Even today (Saturday) against Cristian after the second set, I have no chance of beating these guys. So it’s a real choice. Do you want to win? Shut up. If you want to lose, keep it up. Again, I think it’s all a matter When I’m calmer, I start to play a lot better, I start to play a lot more freely and then the ball goes twice as fast, I play smarter, so it’s more of a problem. , there are times when I’m doing really well for a while, maybe I lose that mood and start playing a little differently, so I have to be more consistent in that area. ”

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Biography Andrey Rublev.

Andrey Rublev was born on October 20, 1997 in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The son of a boxer and tennis coach mother, the Russian started playing tennis at the age of 3 with his sister, Arina. Great hope of Russian tennis, Andrey Rublev has been a professional since 2014. Among the juniors, “Rubl” finished in 2014 number 1 in the world after winning Roland-Garros. At the Youth Olympics, she won bronze in the singles and silver in the men’s doubles with compatriot Karen Khachanov.

Very aggressive on the court, Andrey Rublev has not always had the mobility on the court he currently has, as confirmed by his coach Fernando Vicente to our teammates: “After a few minutes of exchange, he was completely burned. He never went into the net and did not move. As soon as the ball was more than a meter away from him, he did not go to look for it. “So we all had to figure out how to use his power.” Andrey Rublev will do a lot of physical work to improve his movements and physical abilities on the tracks. Efforts that will bear fruit for the native of Moscow. Always in his effort, both during matches and in training, the Russian accumulated fatigue that caused a stress fracture in his lower back in 2018.

What is the trajectory of Andrey Rublev?

Winner of the Belgrade tournament on Sunday, April 24, 2022, Andrey Rublev won the eleventh title of his career, which began in 2014. These are the other trophies on the Russian list: Umag (Croatia) on 2017, Moscow (Russia) in 2019, Vienna (Austria), St. Petersburg (Russia), Hamburg (Germany), Adelaide (Australia) and Doha (Qatar) in 2020, Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 2021, Marseille (France) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in 2022.

What is Andrey Rublev’s ranking?

Currently 8th in the ATP rankings, Andrey Rublev had the best ranking of his career on September 13, 2021 with 5th place.

What is the fortune of Andrey Rublev?

Since becoming a professional, Andrey Rublev has amassed nearly $ 12 million ($ 11,416,873 million) in prizes for his performances at the tournament.

Andrey Rublev and music.

Little known facet of Andrey Rublev, music is one of the great passions of the Russian. Before breaking into the circuit and becoming one of the best tennis players, in 2015 he was part of a Russian music group called “Summer Afternoon” that performed versions of songs by the former boy band One Direction.

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