the device to maintain order around the Stade de France much criticized abroad

“Embarrassed”, “horrible”, “shocking” … The foreign press did not have strong enough words on Sunday, May 29, to describe the incidents on the sidelines of the Champions League final, which was delayed by more than 30 minutes on Saturday evening at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis (Seine-St Denis). At the center of the criticism: the management of the crowd by the French police, who used tear gas.

While the Paris police headquarters assured him “the rapid intervention of the police” it had allowed the alleged scammers to be evacuated and then dispersed “no difficulty”several Spanish titles focused on videos made near the Stade de France. “Shameful images (…), lack of total control”, lamented the sports newspaper as instead, showing security guards and defenseless administrators in front of supporters climbing the gates before rushing into the compound.

The Spanish site Semana, meanwhile, mentions “chaos scenes” around the tails, described as “huge”. For its part, the newspaper The world highlights the inability of law enforcement to contain “The mess caused by those who did not have a ticket.” Scammers present mainly in the Liverpool camp, the newspaper advances in its place. This was also stated by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who punished on Saturday evening on Twitter the behavior of “Thousands of British supporters without a ticket or with fake tickets “.

But it is on the other side of the Channel where the criticism is harshest. the Guardian questions the capacity of theUEFA “organize an important event”. Before telling the story of a Liverpool fan desperately pulling his ticket out the door after being sprayed with tear gas by police. For its part, the tabloid The sun title “Joke Stage” to describe the fiasco.

Further north, the Liverpool press is drowning after tonight described as“horrible” and of “disgusting”. The website of Liverpool Echo is full of stories of supporters being the target of tear gas bubbles and forced to do so “run to escape the French police”, reports the local newspaper. “In the age of Instagram, it’s hard to hide.” we can read in particular in the columns of the site, which evokes the use of force against followers in the presence of their children.

Next to Liverpool fans, there is dismay. In a statement issued Sunday morning, Spirit of Shankly, the club’s iconic fan union, described the evening as “one of the worst meetings in Europe” never seen, citing a Liverpool police officer present at the scene. The association believes that UEFA has neglected the safety of the fans and also accuses the French police of doing so. “heavy hand” making appeal “blind” with tear gas.

On Sunday, she was asked by British Secretary of State for Culture and Sport Nadine Dorries “Urges UEFA to launch an official investigation into what went wrong and why.”

Above all, the French police operations directly affected the foreign journalists present at the site. In a post posted on the website of telegraph, Jason Burt, head of football for the newspaper, explains at length how he found himself in a cloud of gas fired by police. “I couldn’t believe it, (…) it was an absolute shame”writes in particular, adding that most Liverpool fans have shown great patience despite the violence in the “bottle necks”. Like many Liverpool FC fans, the journalist asks UEFA to apologize to the management “chaotic” before the meeting.

Also present at the Stade de France on Saturday evening, reporter Steve Douglas of the Associated Press remembers an evening “shocking and violent”. “I thought the police had disproportionate reactionsexplains by phone to franceinfo. They fired tear gas through the barriers as people lined up. It was the worst moment. ” Accustomed to large sports rallies, Steve Douglas believes the police acted “in a hurry”.

“It’s as if they don’t know that the most important match in European football is played at home.”

Steve Douglas, sports reporter

a franceinfo

Asked about the intrusions of spectators at the Stade de France, Steve Douglas specifies that it was where he was, “impatient supporters, but also people without a ticket and some young people without private T-shirts, who took advantage of the mess to get in”. Intruders who could never have gotten so close to the stadium if an additional security cordon had been established, according to the journalist. “I covered the final of the last European Football Championship, for example, and the police presence last night was ridiculous by comparison. The police force was not big enough.” A more important match, however, did not stop the fans from facing central London and around Wembley Stadium before the England-Italy final.

Loubna Attal, a spokeswoman for the Paris Police Headquarters, congratulated BFMTV on Sunday afternoon on the absence of serious injuries during the incidents, adding that “teachings [allaient] be drawn “ of this afternoon, which will no doubt be remembered. “We are still in the process of improving. This episode cannot be generalized.” said the spokesman. In all105 people were arrested and 39 in police custody on Saturday evening in Paris, police prefecture reported.

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