American way of life with these motorhomes that landed in Boussac (Creuse)

American lifestyle … but French style. And in Boussac. Fifty members of the motorhome heavyweights of France have settled in the Boussaquin area where locals and fans can visit, until this evening, these “motorized residential houses”, according to the vice president of the association, Jean -Luc Vinqueur, “these are houses that can be found everywhere but with an engine.”

The Club des Autocaravanes Poids-Lourds de France holds its annual meeting on the air of Boussac motorhomes.
He even tows his … garage

And in these vehicles everything is well thought out, the space is optimized to the maximum, washing machines and dryers often find their place in the cellars when it is not a small vehicle for models equipped with … garage: “ There are American models, then European models came to market. There are also fans who make their own motorhome from a truck or a coach. »

As for the price of these machines, it varies greatly: “It is impossible to find a new American vehicle, they have to be imported and it is becoming more and more complicated because they traveled a lot in England before Brexit. »The only solution is to try to find a seller in the territory, it takes a minimum of 100,000 euros for an American and prices can go up to one or two million euros for a new European version: “it all depends on who you are. looking, there are many models, the Americans are usually equipped with sliding extension which is a system on a cat that allows to extend the parts of the vehicle once installed in its location.

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Be careful, you need the right license!

Before embarking on this adventure, a few points of regulation to consider anyway: “To drive these vehicles, there are several possibilities. If you passed your car license before January 20, 1975, you have the right to drive throughout the European Community. Otherwise, you need a heavy-duty or even overweight license if you want to tow a trailer over 750kg more. »

Volunteers to invest in tourism in Creuse

Because these 750 kg can be reached quickly in case you have to tow enough to get around when you arrive safely: “There are people who tow small vehicles but you should know that there are also many cyclists among us. Many tell us that with the machines we have, it must be difficult to get around. I answer that at all, once the motorhome is in place, we take the bikes and sometimes even park in front of them. »

Another point that may be important is that it is difficult to register some of these motor homes in France because the law requires that they do not exceed twelve meters in length: “If the vehicle exceeds the maximum length, it is necessary, for example , open an association in Luxembourg to have the right to register there or buy a vehicle already registered. »

Cedric Goessens

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