The little secrets of the physical trainer of Léolia Jeanjean and Hugo Gaston

At Roland Garros,

From Toulouse to Paris, from the shadow of the Pink City to the corners of the City of Light, Léolia Jeanjean and Hugo Gaston, competing this Saturday in the 3rd Roland-Garros event, have built their success with the same torturer . We exaggerate a bit because Kevin Blandy is rather of the friendly type and above all proud of the results of his protégés.

“We work for it and we are happy when there are convincing results,” said the 35-year-old fitness trainer behind the good surprises of 2022. A group of professionals from the tennis section of the Stade Tolousain ‘orders. of young graduates of the Occitan League. He tells us how he forged the physique of two loved ones from the French public.

Kevin Blandy, Jeanjean and Gaston’s physical trainer – F. Launay / 20 minutes

The meeting

A pure native of Toulouse, Kevin Blandy has known Hugo Gaston since his first bottles, or almost. “I met him when I was 7 years old. It was as high as the net. And although he was able to evolve in other structures, we never lost sight of each other “, says the physical trainer with a smile. With Léolia Jeanjean, relationships aren’t that old. If she had known about Roland-Garros’ revelation in her youth, “she went out with one of my players when I was 14,” Kevin Blandy hadn’t worked with her before September 2020.

“We met in June during a training course organized by the Ligue Occitanie in La Grande-Motte. He was returning from the United States where he had gone to study. Physically, she was not the best. He had the idea of ​​resuming the main circuit a bit, but it was still not well defined. So he moved to Toulouse in September. »

To work

Working with Gaston from the start, the physical coach has clearly been involved in building the 21-year-old. “We went through all the stages with Hugo. That’s what’s so interesting about him. I watched him grow up. We almost know each other by heart. We were both able to work on all aspects of a tennis player’s physical performance. “A job that the player has always valued.

We work very well, we work what I need and what I have “acquired”, even if nothing is acquired. It makes me feel great. He knows I have to work on making playful “exos”, he said 20 minutes Hugo Gaston after qualifying for the third round.

With Jeanjean, who took a break from high-level tennis for almost ten years, the job was very different. “Physically, it wasn’t at its best. At first, the biggest problem was the volume of training where the dose needed to be increased. At first we did some background work, prevention and then we really focused the work on the trips where she had shortcomings, especially in her ability to reproduce her efforts. ”

Goal achieved according to the player. “It simply came to our notice then. In the United States, I had still lost a little physical condition, I had gained a little weight, it was not easy to return. This is where I did the most work, ”says Léolia Jeanjean.

Areas of progress

At 21, Hugo Gaston still has a lot of room for improvement physically. “It has to make progress everywhere. We need to strengthen its qualities of ground cover, movement, support work in which we have worked hard in recent years and which is constantly improving on the ground.”

For Jeanjan, work is mainly at the level of hygiene of life. “She has to go back to the mentality of a professional tennis player, but she’s not there yet. She’s not organized as a professional at all. She’s very talented but in terms of preparation, there’s still a lot of work to be done,” he says. Kevin Blandy.

The future of the relationship

If with Hugo Gaston there is a bit of life or death given the length of their relationship, we are not at all in the same pattern with Léolia Jeanjean. While the player had to prepare the Roland-Garros with Blandy, ten days ago she planted her physical trainer without officially telling him. Class.

“I found out through social media that I was in Paris with other coaches. I tried to contact her but I think she is avoiding me. I hope we can communicate differently and be able to have an explanation at the end of the tournament “, concludes the physical trainer with a touch of bitterness in his voice.

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