The Euro 7 standard will impose the hybrid load …

TheEurope chose: on the horizon 2035The only ones new cars that can be sold will be cars electric. I others ? They simply will prohibited – however, do not circulate or sell to the second hand marketuh!

Since this announcement, many voices have been raised to draw attentionambition of this transition which does not seem unrealistic. In fact, one may ask if the load network is ready and if everyone can to Buy an Electric Car | whose prices are currently rising due to shortage of parts or raw materials. Even the builders they are still beginning to invest in this transition be very skeptical about its realization.

Europe approved this ban and the text has yet to be ratified by the parliaments of the 27 member countries. That you don’t win either, because several countries like Germany remain reluctant.

That said, before that deadline, the heat engines will still livebut with emission standards Again squeeze. Because there is still one Standard euro to be promulgated, on the 7theand that was it very hard promise, that is, with very low tolerances. This is unlikely to reassure manufacturers and markets, because today decontamination is very expensive in a car. Therefore, it will be difficult for them to invest in the development of electric cars, as well as in the severe decontamination of heat engines whose (industrial) life will be quite short.

Plug-in hybrids only?

Plug-in hybrid Mercedes

That Euro 7 standard frankly it is dreadedbecause in addition to being profiled as very strict, it should do the same will come into force in 2025, that is, in less than 3 years. A particularly short time to carry out the necessary research and development as well as to industrialize the new engines and their components dedicated to pollution control. If the content is not yet known, we know the text predicted already divide by two they maximum permitted emissions during certification cycles. This means, for example, that the releases ofnitrogen oxide (NOx) it would now be 30 mg / km for a petrol car and 40 mg / km for one Diesel car.

That approach it is of course praiseworthy from one point of view sanitary ware and public health, but one wonders to what extent it will be feasible in such a short time. He builders they know it and start adopting a another strategy : the of to delete they basic engines and no more propose this versions plug-in hybridsthe only ones capable of meeting future standards … Mercedes and BMW, to name just a few, have already announced that the Class A i Series 1 thermal will disappear from its catalog, to stop offering only the PHEV models.

Blow on the prices

The problem is that approach (required by the authorities) is completely without sense. Because on the one hand, the plug-in hybrids there are many more expensive which runs the risk of giving a fatal blow to the new domestic market while, on the other hand, it is also the most bad “cars ecologically since everything doubles : we have an electric car and a thermal car.

From a resource perspective, it makes no sense, as all input (manufacturer) and output (recycling) requirements are duplicated. And as the industry suffers from shortages, one wonders how many of these “double cars” could come out of the assembly lines.

He componentprice it is also crucial for car sales and accessibility for ordinary mortals. A VW-Golf for example it sells for around 29,000 euros today with a petrol engine, but its plug-in hybrid version sells for 43,000 euros. The same for Renault Megane : from 25,700, we go to 36,600 euros for the PHEV.

Suffice it to say that everyone he will not be able to consent to this financial effort. It’s just not possible. In addition, a number of models – the smallest and therefore accessible – do not currently offer rechargeable hybridization for obvious reasons of cost and competitiveness.

That said, in light of the rumors circulating, it looks like he it can have no other alternative than the car plug-in hybrid and that of 2025 or 2028. By virtue of forcing him to change so radically in such a short time, one wonders if automotive industry it will not end implode

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