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On this occasion Roland Garros 2022, you will find in Tennis News every day”The beautiful stories of the earth … “ that invite you to travel through the history of Roland Garros and its backstage. An unprecedented lighting, sometimes unusual and full of emotions, that allows you to discover the very essence of a tournament that has thrilled generations of spectators for over a century!

The Roland-Garros and French Open 2022 teaser!

Roland-Garros: a glamorous tournament? World sport of the early twentieth century!

Social sport, tennis has been associated since its origins with a certain audience of “good society”. A world sport, tennis was then played in clubs that cultivated harmony. The crowned heads are, therefore, the first “people” to take part in the rise of tennis’s notoriety. The official stands of the main tournaments and in particular the ” Royal Box “de Wimbledon where the royal family sits every year, they are a good example. We remember the queen Mariagreat “fan” of Suzanne Lenglen as well as the king Gustav V of Sweden.

The “All of Paris” of the 1920s

He French internationals not to be outdone, becoming over the years the spring meeting point of All Paris during the roaring twenties. The move of the tournament in 1928 to the new stadium of the Porte d’Auteuil consolidated the fame of the tournament and the interest that the people of the past gave to Roland-Garros and its musketeers! The developing media is no stranger to this craze, of course. News Pathé and Gaumont, the sports and general press, are closely following the tournament and the celebrities who attend.

As early as 1928, the stadium plans, accurately detailed by Tennis et Golf, the official tennis magazine, show an official bleachers and boxes, according to a plan relatively close to the current structure of the Philippe Chatrier court. An organization that, already, translates the will to reserve to certain spectators, that nowadays would be described as “VIP” or “people” an exceptional treatment.

Marlene Dietrich, a 30s movie star and a tennis fan, attends the women’s final of the tournament in 1938. Set on the edge of the court, in a box probably near the referee’s chair, it’s hard not to recognize her, adorned with a big hat and thick sunglasses. If the photographer does not focus on the actress but on the two finalists, Simonne Mathieu and Nelly Landry who pose in front of the star’s dressing room, we only see her! This photo sums up the whole story of the Roland-Garros people! After the war, in the 1950s, the American actor Kirk Douglas it will be a regular, we see it too Yul Brynnerthe Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida, the actor of Uncle Flingueurs Bertrand Blier On Enric Salvador...

In 1976, the president of the Federation, Philippe Chatrier, wants to develop the notoriety of the tournament. Visionary, he perceives the media power of the presence of personalities, and launches a public relations operation using a former actress, Juliet Millsthat thanks to its address book “recruits” personalities for the tournament. Claude Lelouch i Joan Paul Belmondo They will make their first appearances at the Central.

The “revolution” of the town

From 1980 a revolution takes place, with the installation of an ephemeral space of public relations for the partners: Village of Roland Garros she was born ! Originally planned for the only 1980 edition, the success is such that it has become a high point of the stadium, the Holy Grail for many guests. This revolutionary concept is an idea of ​​the FFT, which inspires all sporting events. Thus, personalities from the worlds of politics, sports and entertainment pass through the Porta d’Auteuil. Members are invited to the Village, including Lacoste, a large provider of people, while the FFT invites them to the Presidential Tribune, the stadium’s most popular VIP area.

Roland Garros it becomes an essential step to guarantee its promotion or to cultivate its notoriety and the show moves from the track to the stands. Remember Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting, Nicole Kidman, Hught Grant o Zinedine Zidane in boxes on Friday at the Lenglen to admire Rafael Nadal. The fans are delighted, the photographers are full of glamorous images and the tournament reinforces its notoriety. A virtuous circle in which no one is deceived!

Still, some celebrities are true fans of the game, as was the late one Joan Paul Belmondo who rented his own dressing room, now engraved with his name in honor of the actor. Remember ” Bebel », Charles Gérard, Jean-Pierre Marielle o Eddy Barclay making close-ups of the cameras. Claude Lelouch On Patrick Bruelthey are also part of the tennis fans who would not miss a Roland-Garros edition for anything in the world. It is true that Roland Garros it’s not that far from the movies … but that’s another story!

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