Eliminated by Cilic, Gilles Simon says goodbye to the tournament … Relive his 3rd round with us

This is the end of this live show. Thanks for following. See you tonight for the poster of the day between Hugo Gaston and the Dane Holger Rune. The last chance to save French honor on this complicated day.

5:27 p.m. “My kids doubt I’ve ever been able to play tennis well.” “I’m 3 Voltaren and 6 Doliprane before the game. All that’s left is morphine and then …” Gilou, very funny, applauded all over the center court. If this is his last game at Roland, he will continue until the end of the season before finally hanging up the rackets.

5:24 p.m. : Gilles Simon admits his career at Roland was “unexpected”. He is happy to have finished against Cilic “who is an immense champion”. Humorous speech. It’s very nice.

5:23 p.m. : The audience stands up to applaud Gilou for his farewell to Roland.

5:22 p.m. : We throw a video at the stadium that traces the trajectory of the Frenchman

5:19 p.m. : It’s time to pay tribute to Gilles Simon, who will be celebrated on the court. We took home a trophy, chips and beer (look for the weirdo).

5:18 p.m. : Yes, Marin Cilic trying French. So yes, we don’t understand everything, but he spoke more French in two minutes at Roland-Garros than Di Maria in seven years at PSG.

5:17 p.m. : Great, Marin Cilic who pays a good tribute to Gilou for his last match at Roland.

5.15pm: The audience will applaud Gilou with a standing ovation, thanking him

17:14: IT’S OVER. After a final ace, Marin Cilic eliminated Gilles Simon in 3 sets. Too weak, the French could do nothing and say goodbye to Roland-Garros.


5:10 p.m. : 15-0 Cílic. Gilou’s farewell to Roland Garros is approaching.

17:08: 26th Break Cilic which, therefore, will serve for the match 5-2

5:05 p.m .: CITICAL PARTY 4-2. What a party, we vibrate (no, absolutely not)

5:03 p.m. : Keep in mind, however, that Marin Cilic’s total lack of empathy continues to unfold. The boy is invited on a farewell tour and respects nothing. Avoid inviting him to your wedding, he could steal your wife.

17.01 h .: SIMON, GILOU GAME KEEP LIVE 3-2. Well there is as much suspense as in an episode of Columbus but we take it.

4:59 p.m. : The boy is on one leg, confined in a wheelchair and we hear someone in the audience drop “Go, Gilou, give it your all.” As if the boy was pretending. ingratitude style

16.58 h: CILIC GAME 3-1. More than ever, it feels like the end for our Gilou

4:56 p.m. : The party resumes but may seem like a last support like the French army in Dunkirk in 40

16:52: Alas, alas, alas Gilou is wounded. So the referee told us. A physiotherapist takes care of him. After Alizé Cornet, it’s a good day for France injured. Hopefully the French will not be whistled. Cornet did not digest what happened before. Explanations below.

4.50 pm: CYLIC REST 2-1. Well there, to believe it again, you have to say Bernadette Soubirous.

4.50 pm: CYLIC REST 2-1. Well there, to believe it again, you have to say Bernadette Soubirous.

16:49: BUT YES GILOOUU. Both balls are saved 40-40


4.44pm: Cilic Game 1-1. The hope of rest will not last long

4:43 p.m. : 30-30 in the service of Cilic

4:43 p.m. : 30-30 in the service of Cilic

16.38 h: 1-0 Gilou. The French advanced to the third set. Then maybe

4:32 p.m .: SECOND SET CILIC 6-3. Despite a big improvement at the end of the second round, it will take a miracle for Gilou to return. Unless the crowd keeps pushing and Cilic stops playing. Believe it or not

4:31 p.m .: SEVEN CYLIC BALL. Please miss it.

4:32 p.m. : 30-30. Cilic puts the air conditioning back on the plant

16: 30h: 15-30 !!!!! We are here, we are here my Gilou !!!!

4:29 p.m. : Cilic starts to itch. We believe it 15-15

4.28 pm: GILOU GAME, TWO CONSECUTIVE GAMES 5-3. Put some Bézu in the stadium so we can have a giant queu-leu-leu !!!!

4:27 pm : 40-30 but (still) faith in Gilou

4:26 p.m. : 40-15 but faith in Gilou


16.23 h: 15-0 GILOU. Looks like he’s about to win the game because the atmosphere is magical. But in fact, not at all.

4:20 pm: THE WAVE IN THE CENTER. BUT SÍIIIIIIIII. Gilou grabs a sheet but we don’t care. It’s Saturday, it’s the weekend, it’s party time.

4.19pm: SIMON GAME 5-2. I cry with joy

4:15 p.m. : I forgot to tell you, but … Game Cilic 5-1

4.10 pm: CILIC PARTY 4-1. 58 minutes into the game.

4:09 p.m. : This Croatian demonstration is still a bit embarrassing. Simon gets fucked

4:05 p.m .: CILIC REVIEW 1-3. The flame did not last.

4:04 p.m. : The audience that gets totally carried away when we are 0-6, 1-2 against Gilles. This is the France we love.


16.02 h .: THREE SCHOOL BALLS FOR GILOU. Now is the time

4:01 p.m. : Oh, the nice point of Simon looking for the line. 0-15 in the service of Cilic, start of the comeback (no).

3:59 p.m .: CILIC REST 2-0. The Croatian continues his enterprise of destruction. Without respect for the elderly.

3:58 p.m. : A beautiful day for France in any case. Jeanjean eliminated, Cornet forced to surrender, Zion in trouble. All hopes for the country now rest on Hugo Gaston playing tonight against Rune

3:56 p.m. : And the Central that is carried away by a point of Gilou that returns to 15-15. I let you imagine the fire if Simon reverses the situation. What will not happen

3:55 p.m. : Good audience at the Central cheering on his Gilou. But hey, it’s hard.

3:53 p.m. : And another Cilic match 1-0 on the 2nd set. There have been 7 consecutive games for the Croatian

15.47 h: CILIC WINS THE FIRST SET 6-0. Gilles Simon is completely on the street, overwhelmed by the Croatian’s no-frills game that hit the French. We feel that our national Gilou is physically on the street.

15.46 h: SEVEN CYLIC BALL. 30-40

15:45 h: 30-30. Va Giloo !!!

3:44 pm : 0-30. Gilou is completely overwhelmed

3:43 p.m. : 0-15 Cyclic. Another right turn out of space

3:42 p.m. : This was a bad day for the usually speedy Gilles Simon. The mud seemed to slow him down. Cilic plays very well, Gilou fights and the match becomes a Croatian demonstration.

3.40 pm: CYLIC GAME (pleonasm). 5-0. Right now it’s a butcher shop.

15.37 h: DOUBLE REST CILIC 4-0. It sounds like too much of a game, but hey, it’s Gilles Simon. We never know.

3:36 pm: Cilic can’t play. The Croatian returns everything. New breaking point

3:35 p.m. : It’s online …. 40-40

3:33 p.m. : SIMON GAME BALL. Va Giloo !!!

15.28 h: CILIC GAME 3-0. It is very difficult for the new beloved of the tournament.

3:26 p.m. : Cilic is in great shape while it looks like Gilou is cooked after his feats in the previous two rounds.

3:23 p.m .: CILIC REST 2-0. Complicated start for Simon

3:22 p.m. : A saved breakpoint. 30-40

3:21 p.m. : Gilou is in trouble. 15-40 Cilic in French service

3.18pm: Cilic’s first match 1-0 for the Croatian

15:17 h: 15-15 FIRST POINT OF GILOOOOOOOOUUUUU. There is already a great atmosphere at the start of the match at the center.

3:13 p.m. : Hello everyone and welcome to the exchange for the continuation of the epic of veteran Gilles Simon. At 37 benches, Gilles Simon plays his last Roland Garros. We were hoping to see him disappear from the start but the farewell tour has already canceled two dates. We hope he continues against Cilic, 20th in the world. It’s not easy, but Gilou is on a mission.

A little reading before starting the game. It is beautiful, well written and in Gillou. Many reasons to read it.

Jo Giloutix! I hope you feel like coming to support our national Gilles Simon, he will need it against Marin Cilic. No. 20 seed, the Croatian is no longer at the level he was when he won the U.S. Open, but is making a good start at Roland-Garros. Like Gilles Simon, by the way. The Frenchman, on a farewell tour in District 16, has already prevailed over a top seed in the first round in the person of Carreño Busta before subduing Johnson. Today the fight will be tough. Simon will have to pull off the big game with the help of Philippe Chatrier, the soul of the cards, the power of the 3 and I don’t know what else to do.

>> See you later for the start of the live show

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