Unusual. By car with Cocotte, a 2CV that has (almost) circled the globe

The 2CV national de Saint-Dizier accommodates 2500 cars until May 29, 2022. Among them, Cocotte driven by Clément and Maximilien Hohler de Hazebrouck in northern France.

It is visible from afar for its orange color, its Chinese flag hanging from the roof, but especially its hood decorated with a peacock and multicolored Pakistani ornaments, in the middle of the rest of the vehicles of the National 2CV of Saint-Dizier. Cocotte, brothers 1971 2 CV Hohler he has seen the country, and even the continent, since he crossed the North Cape, Russia, Asia, and parts of Europe. This represents a total of 61,244 km on the odometer in 28 countries.

It was in Pakistan where they had to wait for their owners after April 29, 2020, when the Covid-19 epidemic began and they had to be repatriated.

Maximilian, 26, and Clement HohlerThe 28-year-old has always dreamed of adventure, and it was when the older of the two met Cocotte, the 2CV, that the idea of ​​a car rodeo around the world came to them. We wanted to go together and live an adventure. Clément had just turned 25, so we decided to challenge ourselves to go to Mongolia. Once there, we wondered if we would continue or leave, and finally we continued our journey through China, Laos, Thailand, and then Pakistan. “

Among all the mythical cars, the northern one chose the deudeuche for its simplicity. “Nobody in our family had a 2CV, we had never experienced that. When I bought the car, I opened the hood, and I saw that there was everything: the starter, the carburetor and the engine. everything is fine, that’s all you need. It’s accessible, it’s real mechanics and it wasn’t very expensive. “

Technical simplicity proportional to the aura of the small car. Made in more than 5 million units between 1948 and 1990 and the eighth best-selling French car in history, the deudeuche still and always melts the lovers of beautiful bodywork.
What we discovered during our trip was the way people look at the 2CV. Already at the time of renovating it, there were a lot of people who came to help me redo it. And then, from the first laps, came the flashes of the headlights, the cuckoos, the smiles that took shape. And during the trip we had a lot of good times and checkpoints thanks to her. For example, on the border between China and Laos, we no longer had windshields. Normally, we should not have crossed the border. But the atypical side of the car allowed us to continue the journey without any problems.

People came to see us a lot once there to ask us how it was possible to travel with such a small and beautiful car to their house!

“People came to see us a lot once and there to ask us how it was possible to travel with such a small and beautiful car to their house. They are more accustomed to seeing 4x4s, pretty well equipped trucks. There, the question was: “What are the two Frenchmen doing with a 2CV? “”explains Maximilian.

The two brothers had only for “hotel” a tent with its camping gear. The journey had to be as easy as possible. This allowed the two brothers to establish real ties with the local population, who did not hesitate to lend a hand when there were breakdowns.

When you open the hood, you find a Chinese motorcycle engine stuck, Cocotte starts with wires, the keys have become decorative, and some body parts are attached with wire.

“There have been repairs to be done, but the engine is still running, it’s still starting. It’s super solid. repaired on the spot. It’s a little damaged today, but these are the scars of adventure. “explains Clement Hohler.

“The duration of the repairs varied, mainly because we didn’t know the mechanics when we left, so we shared our setbacks on the Internet and the 2CV family gave us a lot of advice. It was thanks to them that we were able to understand the breakdown and that “We started to keep the car as it was. We went three by three with Cocotte. So we had to understand it. And every day they stopped us, we were left behind and had to manage. We had no choice!” The basics of the car made the repairs easier, no matter where we were at the time! “

After several years of traveling around the world, Cocotte returned to Saint-Dizier in a few weeks from Pakistan: “The circle is complete!” Since it was in Saint-Dizier where the two brothers had come to find sponsors before their big adventure in 2019. The next step for the 2CV is the wedding of Clément, before a reform of the machine to make it suitable for passing the technical control. At the moment, no other rodeo global nis planned for her.

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