The Range Rover Sport, 3rd in the name, under the spotlight


Land Rover recently unveiled the third version of its Rover Sport. And what better than the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, with a backdrop of Icelandic apocalyptic landscapes, to showcase this iconic sports SUV whose musculature contrasts with its minimalist bodywork.

When the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, a mecca for immersive digital art, serves as a showcase for a British icon, all with a backdrop of Icelandic apocalyptic landscapes. This icon, the work of the manufacturer Land Rover, is none other than the Range Rover Sport.

After a first official presentation on May 10 in his homeland in Gaydon, England, it was in Paris where Land Rover had set its sights on presenting the third version of its sports SUV, the Range Rover Sport. It fits on the line between the smaller Range Rover Velar and the larger “real” Range Rover.

The choice of France is not really trivial, as, in the manufacturer’s range, the Range Rover Sport is the number two in sales behind the Evoque.

At first glance, it is difficult to see the differences with the second generation. Thus, the fans you will find, with joy, this square and massive face accompanied by a very high engine hood, extendable headlights and the famous honeycomb grille. We are captivated by this ceiling that seems to levitate above the body.

However, the new Range Rover Sport is undergoing some transformations, with a growth rate of 6.7 cm (4,946 m), while remaining below the symbolic five-meter bar. On the other hand, it is less wide by 2 cm with all the same 2,047 m below the height (folded mirrors) and gains 1.7 cm (1.82 meters) in height. Some will say it’s trivial, but not for the brand’s designers: working on an icon is not like adding ruffles or new paint.

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For those who plan to ride the new Range Rover Sport (yes, yes, it is possible), keep in mind that the depth of the ford can exceed 90 cm.

Lateral features, we are in minimalism, with smoother surfaces and fewer edges, as if the wind and rain had to slip. Proof of this is the built-in door handles. We would almost say that the exterior mirrors and the shark antenna on the roof are too much. And yet the drag coefficient (Cx) is only 0.29!

© Land Rover

Another change that accentuates the sporty side of the English rear lights, horizontal and non-vertical as the Range Rover. Conical, they are integrated in a black tiara while the tuition is placed very low.

If the exterior looks simplistic, the cabin is generous and cozy, thanks mainly to a wheelbase of almost three meters. However, exit the third row, as in the old version. Only the classic Range Rover will be available with seven seats. Of course, this space saving benefits the legs as well as the trunk full of little tricks for stopping daily shopping or storing fishing boots without mud everywhere.

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© Land Rover

But the best place is the front seats: the seats have been placed very low without impeding visibility. Multiple settings allow you to find your driving position. In keeping with the fashion of the moment, our Range Rover Sport is loaded with technology, particularly with a 13-inch screen in landscape mode, not to mention a center console and a steering wheel full of controls.

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Add to that the accommodations, do you want any? We told you that this interior was due to a Frenchman, Lancelot Malet, Land Rover’s “Chief Interior Designer”, who wanted to differentiate the Range Rover Sport from its classic counterpart by getting rid of the superfluous while accentuating a certain aggressiveness. Like, you don’t need a lot of props to play hard. Beautiful work, sure.

520 hp or hybrid V8 engine option

Who says Range Rover Sport, says muscular engine. So yes, our beautiful English will be offered with a 530 hp 4.4 petrol V8 for the P530 model. On the other hand, beware of penalties (CO2 and weight). Of course, the Range Rover Sport can also be virtuous. Thus, the six-cylinder heat engine is accompanied either by a 48V mild-hybrid engine (gasoline and diesel) that develops 250, 300, 350 and 400 hp or a rechargeable gasoline hybrid (P440e and P510e ) of 440 and 510 hp.

© Land Rover

Plug-in hybrids or connect in English (PHEV) have a battery with a useful capacity of 31.8 kWh (38.2 kWh gross). The announced all-electric range is 114 km at a top speed of 140 km / h. Not bad for 2.73 and 2.81 ton babies who will thus escape the penalty. We need to see their behavior on the road …

In terms of prices, the entrance ticket is € 94,200, excluding the options (so the so-called “basic” versions are already well equipped) and excluding penalties. For the first edition of the V8, “only available on request“, you will have to pay about 144,200 €. At this price, you have the possibility to add a few options …

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