Angoulême: Gabrielle Huyghe painted her car in her image

Nothing predestined Gabrielle, the only daughter of a couple of organic sheep farmers in Saint-Sornin-la-Marche, near Bellac, to advance in an artistic career. “But I’ve always enjoyed doing things with things my mother has accumulated over the years.”, slides Gabrielle, 19. But there is a step from here to completely redo the exterior and interior of a car. That the young woman crossed happily.

“The choice of this car model was a natural choice because there are a dozen on the farm, it is a very practical vehicle to house a sheep cage or sleep in it. There are some in good condition and others that are used for spare parts », explains Gabrielle Huyghe. He first got his hands on a farm car “Show my parents that I was able to carry out my project”.

It is a very practical vehicle to put a sheep cage or sleep.

The student even repatriated the interior with buttons and a change knob made of Lego pieces.

Photo by Renaud Joubert

The transition from childhood to adulthood

The student found a 405 van in good condition on the Internet. “It was white, it was ideal not to have to do too much preparation work before repainting it”, she explains. And the option to give a color to each element of the body? “I wanted to illustrate the transition from childhood to adulthood through all these colors”, explains Gabrielle. She arrives at the coquetry to the point of wrapping herself in a dress that fits her car: yellow raincoat, a green T-shirt, cut-out shorts reminiscent of her car, half-blond fringe, other hair -red, handmade earrings with a little rubber duck and a Playmobil as pendants!

To create his artwork on wheels, he used spray paint for agricultural machinery. “There are a lot more color options, though it was hard for me to find the green I liked, because John Deere brand tractors don’t have the same green depending on the year of manufacture.”she laughed. “This agricultural paint costs less than that of car brands, I got it for a total of € 250,” Gabrielle laughs again.

Vandalism and sweet talk

He is not a bodywork specialist, the student did not disassemble a single element of Michel (le). He painted them piece by piece, protecting the others with paper. Gabrielle Huyghe even tackled the interior. There we discover a floor covered with educational carpets with car circuits, Lego pieces as buttons on the air intake console of the cabin, a lever sleeve in green, yellow, blue and red -the dominant exterior colors- and a steering wheel. covered with the same colors. A real customization of the Fine Arts version, which would have its place in a car show, or better yet in the Frac, the regional fund of contemporary art!

Unfortunately, if the car catches your eye, Gabrielle no longer has the touches of admiration. “Although I’m always afraid that someone will tell me about a mechanical problem with the car …” – It also makes little criminals happy. “Since September and my arrival in Angoulême, I have found my doors forced open several times and objects had been stolen inside. And even if they weren’t of great value, I wanted them Gabrielle says, her clear eyes turning black. The sad rescue of originality. But they are enlightened when they show all the little words of sympathy he found attached to Michel (le).

This car runs on frying oil!

Beyond its unique appearance, Gabrielle Huyghe’s 405 van, 290,000 km on the odometer, has another peculiarity: it works partly with used frying oil. “In fact, it’s a mixture of one-third oil, one-third biofuel, and one-third diesel that my dad also uses for his cars.”she says.
To stock up on oil, it has the Roule ma frite association, based in Confolens, which collects used oil in restaurants. “Depending on the season, you can put more or less oil in the mixture, the student continues. On sunny days, you can add more oil. Suddenly, as I drive, the exhaust smells of fries! »
This car is definitely not normal.

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