5 Toyota Priuse from € 20,690

The Toyota Prius is the first production car to benefit from hybrid mechanics, combining a gasoline combustion engine and an electric motor. Here we are interested in the latest model, the fourth generation.

With his futuristic look, impossible to confuse the Prius with another car. The model of fourth generation which deals with us here appeared in 2016. It benefited from a updated in 2019 with aesthetically slightly less angular lines.

The interior of the Prius is spacious and functional with plenty of storage space. The trunk version normal hybrid offers a volume of 502 liters, which given the size of the car, is huge. The plug-in hybrid (the only one in the catalog today) has to settle for 360 liters, due to the larger battery that is underground and therefore increases the charging threshold.

Both versions can count an especially successful chassis : the Prius, therefore, will also appeal to those looking the pleasure of driving. In both cases, the power unit is identical, it is an Atkinson 1.8 cycle petrol associated with 2 permanent magnet electric motors using a planetary gear train giving the impression of running. like a CVT box.

The “normal” Prius had a 1.31 kWh rechargeable battery for power recovery or using the internal combustion engine. The plug-in hybrid has an 8.8 kWh battery that gives it an electrical range of 50 km. The latter is also equipped solar panels on the roof and heat pump.

Toyota Prius, 2018, € 20,690

The cheapest Prius in our selection starts at just over € 20,000. It is about of a model first registered in April 2017 and with a total of just over 41,000 km. Its equipment includes connectivity for smartphones, navigation, reversing camera, dual zone automatic air conditioning, etc. A 36-month warranty is offered.

Toyota Prius, 2018, € 21,990

For 2 more tickets for € 500, why not give away this Dynamic Pack Premium version, which is especially distinguished by its specific aluminum wheels? A little more recent (November 2018), less has also been done (21,357 km on the odometer). However, the seller only offers a 6-month warranty.

Toyota Prius, 2017, € 23,990

This light gray Prius from July 2017 has 33,379 kilometers on the clock. This is one Model Lounge, the top of the range therefore, distinguished among other things by its leather seats and its semi-automatic parking system. This Prius is offered for sale with a 36 month warranty.

Toyota Prius, 2020, € 25,990

A 36 month warranty is offered with the purchase of this Prius Dynamic from September 2020, which has so far traveled less than 15,000 km (13,228 km to be exact). Black on the outside and dark on the inside, this model appeals to lovers of “full black”. The dynamic finish is an initial level, but it is already very complete.

Toyota Prius, 2020, € 26,990

A prius “Shocking red,” how would you like it? This specimen from July 2020, which shows 8,693 km on the odometer, is very attractive with its beautiful gray and beige upholstery. It should be noted that this model also has a JBL infotainment system to which music lovers will not be indifferent. A 36-month warranty also applies here.

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