Practice. How to wash the car at the station … like a pro

“Washing your car at a station is easy, fast and relatively inexpensive. But to have a truly professional and lasting result, you will also need to use your own professional products. This is the first point that can be a problem.

Will the person in charge of the washing station allow you to use your products at their station? Nothing is less certain and that is why the question must be asked in advance, if there is anyone from the station ”. says Mickaël Lenis, a traveling cleaning professional.

A wash glove and microfiber cloths are part of the basic equipment. Image Maniac Auto.jpg

Fast and effective

For Johan, manager of the retail product manufacturer Fictech, a methodology must be followed. “Obviously we will follow the different stages of washing. If you want to do a real thorough cleaning, it is essential “.

In order not to be disturbed, and to have enough time, we favor the staggered hours. “In the morning or evening after dinner, the stations are often deserted. Enjoy it, ”adds Mickaël.

Pre-rent, not essential

“We will start with a pre-rent. If at home we can equip ourselves with a foam cannon, here we will make it simple. We will simply use the station’s default mode. We will also take the opportunity to apply a professional tire cleaner.

While the product is in place, spray the body with mosquito repellent. It will help us in the next step to get rid of the dirt. ”After a good rinse, we will move on to the next step.

Rinse well to avoid scratches.  Photo of Blue Elephant.jpg

Rinse well to avoid scratches. Photo of Blue Elephant.jpg

Choose the right shampoo

“We will wear a glove with a professional shampoo. We recommend a shampoo that creates enough foam to benefit from a mechanical effect. Think in particular of Fictech Red Bubble, a shampoo with a glossy foamy finish. Even if it is usually diluted in a bucket, it is very possible to use it by applying a few hazelnuts to the washing glove, “says Johan de Fictech.

“Some manufacturers have felt the need for a shampoo dedicated to station washing, such as Meguiar’s, which offers a dedicated product. But you can use any professional shampoo. We will choose a hard, medium or soft shampoo, depending on the condition and the treatments already present in the body ”specifies Mickaël.

Using a ceramic kit protects the car for three months.jpg

Using a ceramic kit protects the car for three months.jpg

Manual washing, instructions for use

“We apply a few hazelnuts to the previously wet glove. During rinsing, the glove can be left under the cleaner to moisten it. We always start from the top of the car, so as not to contaminate the glove.

We continue through crossed passages, element by element. Obviously we end up with a good rinse, ”says Johan. “It’s a very important step, to make your car shine and protect it.”

A simple spray applied to a damp car at the end of the wash and your car will glow for a long time

A simple spray applied to a damp car at the end of the wash and your car will glow for a long time

The end, an important step

“Once the car has been washed, and since we are at the station and the time is short, we will use an easy-to-use product. We are talking about Quick Detailer. It is a product that will be applied directly on a wet basis. We spray the whole car, before rinsing at high pressure. The Fictech Hydro-Stop can even be used without having to clean it afterwards. It can also be cleaned, item by item, always with microfiber. The purpose of this product is to provide real protection to your body. With its hydrophobic effect, it repels water and dirt. The bodywork will be kept cleaner. But above all, we will facilitate the next wash, at the same time as we will make it shine ‘. We can recommend the products Quick Detailers +, Brilliant Shine Detailer from Sonax, Cire Eclair Ultime from Meguiar’s, Q2M Quick Detailer or even the ceramic treatment from Fictech Carlift. It allows you to benefit from the durability of the ceramic treatment while being easy to use, ”explains our retailer Mickael. “This last step will protect your body for two to three months.”

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