Pamiers: Rifle in the car and intoxicated, death threat to several people in the bowling alley.

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On March 19, a father threatened to kill several people while he was at the Pamiers bowling alley. He was drunk, had a shotgun in his car and a knife in his pocket. He was tried this Tuesday in the criminal court of Foix.

“I remember the fear I felt,” prosecutor Olivier Mouysset said at the time of his indictment. On Saturday, March 19, he was on guard duty by the prosecutor’s office when the Pamiers gendarmes were called urgently to the city’s bowling alley. The reason: a 39-year-old man, visibly enraged, had promised death threats against at least three people while carrying a firearm in his vehicle.

The prosecutor feared the worst at the moment. But fortunately, we will remember “more fear than evil,” said the prosecutor. Because the threats have not been translated into action and there is no need to deplore any injuries. “In addition, no complaint has been filed,” recalls Olivier Vercellone in defending his client.

Excessive jealousy

That Saturday, the day had begun with a very banal note. While David F. had found his brother to do a job at home, his daughter was playing bowling for a friend’s birthday. The two brothers open a few beers for lunch, and the defendant drinks more than right, that afternoon, knowing that he has ended up on the road. In Pamiers, she plans to have another drink with her brother at a bar in the late afternoon, but plans change, and she decides to go bowling to end the day with her daughter and her partner, who had to pick up later. the birthday party he attended.

This is where the story goes hand in hand. Because it turns out that her friend’s birthday is also the daughter of a man who had an affair with the defendant’s partner. In the same place, in the bowling alley, David F. finds neither his daughter nor his partner, but ends up crossing paths with this “ex” in front of whom he clearly feels jealous. “However, this story with your partner dates back fifteen years, and are you still jealous?”, The president is surprised in court.

David F. is silent. The result: an ascending tone, facilitated next to the accused by the alcohol circulating in his veins (0.94 mg per liter of expired air according to the test performed after arrest). The first threats merge. The accused is evacuated from the bowling alley by staff. In the parking lot, several witnesses saw him get into his car. He seems to be leaving, and finally back. In their vehicle, they see a gun, a rifle. Death threats continue, towards the “ex”, but also towards the employee involved.

Impeccable profile

“Fortunately, at no time was the weapon removed from the car, nor was it physically tampered with as a threat, the prosecutor notes. Otherwise you would not be here, you would have been the subject of an immediate appearance.” The police are called. The intervention is then carried out “without problems, without insults, without violence”, the defense lawyer emphasizes. All the better, because in David F.’s pockets, the authorities find a knife.

Many elements of this file suggest that this afternoon may have taken a much more dramatic turn. It didn’t happen. With a clear criminal record of the slightest fine, perfectly integrated socially, with work, two children and a partner with whom he remains in contact, the profile of the defendant advocates in his favor. As well as the follow-up steps he took as a result of this incident (addicologist, psychologist, etc.).

Therefore, the prosecution only requires a suspended sentence, when Me Vercellone states that the simple conviction is sufficient in punishment. The court chose to sentence him to 10 months suspended imprisonment and deprived him of the right to carry or possess a weapon for 3 years.

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