Ingrid Chauvin car accident, as far as we know

Ingrid Chauvin, the lead actress of the TF1 series Tomorrow belongs to us, was the victim of a very serious car accident. Very seriously injured, his vital prognosis was compromised. Objeko’s editorial team offers you all the information about the terrible accident and the state of health of the famous actress in this article.

Ingrid Chauvin: A career spanning almost 3 decades

Ingrid Chauvin is absolutely everywhere. Without a doubt, she is one of the most emblematic actresses on the small French screen. And in fact, we’re used to seeing her headlining all the big TV hits of the last 27 years! Well, maybe not at first …

Ingrid Chauvin began her career at the age of 21, in series for AB Productions. Without a doubt, the greatest of you will remember: Hello Muscular, First Kisses, The Miracle of Love or Honey and Bees. He took his first steps as a very recurring character, and stood out for his talent and beauty.

However, it was in the year 2000 that his career exploded. She landed the first role in the successful Femmes de Loi detective series. For 7 years, she played Lieutenant Marie Balaguère and was highly regarded for her performance as an actress. This opens many doors for him, and large-scale projects.

This is how we have seen him in leading roles in series such as Méditerranée, Dolmen, Les Toqués, Camping Paradis, or Meurtres au Mont Ventoux. For now, he breaks the small screen playing Chloé Delcourt in the series Tomorrow Belongs to Us, shot in Sète. We’re not about to see it disappear from our TVs!

A car accident that almost cost him his life

Ingrid Chauvin did not have a simple and smooth life. Far from it, even. The actress almost lost her life in a very serious car accident in 2003. At that time, almost 20 years ago, she was starting to make a good name for herself. It was also while trying to go to a casting that the tragedy occurred. Ingrid Chauvin tells our 50mn Inside colleagues: “I was on holiday in the south and going to Paris for a casting. Very violent traffic accident. My parents say I may not spend the night. “

Fortunately, there was more fear than harm, and the actress without a destiny. However, he has no shortage of consequences: “I had five fractures in my back. You tell yourself you might not walk again. There is a certain way of survival and in two weeks I walked again. ”

It is a real miracle for Ingrid Chauvin. Able to stand up to lightning speed, she was able to chain roles and become the adored actress for all we know now.

Ingrid Chauvin: A dol

Fortunately, Ingrid Chauvin recovered very well from her car accident. He plays a lot of very serious roles on television. Between detective series and thrillers, you rarely have anything to smile about! However, outside of the sets, she is a radiant woman. He lives in Sète with his young son, whose name is Tom, thus approaching the filming location of Tomorrow belongs to us.

However, the mother keeps a secret wound hidden behind this apparent serenity. An injury that will last a lifetime, no doubt.

In 2011, the actress married Thierry Peythieu, whom she met while filming the series Les Toqués. The two lovers gave birth to a baby girl named Jade on October 17, 2013. However, the baby girl was born with a major heart defect. At the age of 5 months, Jade dies, leaving her parents terribly distressed. The couple, however, manages to climb the slope. Tom was born three years later and fortunately is healthy. Since 2020, Ingrid Chauvin and Thierry Peythieu have separated, and it is the mother who raises the child. When she is not filming for Tomorrow belongs to us, the actress supports women who have suffered the same ordeals as her.

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