Car theft, a scourge to counter

Getting your car stolen in France can happen overnight. Disappearances number in the thousands, and the techniques of thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated. So how do you go about it and how can you protect yourself? Elements of response.

Unfortunately, France does not save itself from car theft. According to the latest published figures, their number will increase by 1% in 2021, with a total of 122,700 registered thefts, cars and motorcycles added together. This corresponds to one flight every 4 minutes. So how do criminals act and what are the solutions to prevent them? Installing a camera in front of your home is no longer enough.

Toyota Prius and DS7 Crossback, the most stolen cars

However, this was the trick that Eric, a resident of the metropolis of Lille in a sensitive area, found. For three months, he had parked his Peugeot 5008 near his front door. One morning, he noticed that the SUV was missing. His camera recorded the scene. ” Two people are seen approaching the vehicle “, explain. ” One approaches the front door of the house to place his antenna in order to catch the signal of my key. »

The operation works wonderfully: the two criminals steal the car in less than three minutes, leaving no trace. A few months later, the 5008 was damaged more than 300 miles away. ” I was compensated months later “Eric hits.

After this robbery, the victim decided to rent a DS7 Crossback. But obviously the robbery attempts continue in his commune. And for good reason, the SUV is on the 2nd step of the podium of the most stolen cars in 2021 (116 thefts committed for 10,000 copies in circulation), after the Toyota Prius and its rare metal catalytic converter (227 thefts for 10,000 copies ). copies). We find in 3rd place the Mégane RS (156 flights for 10,000 vehicles), the Clio then the Mégane, both fourth generation.

A thief declares: “I earn between 7,000 and 10,000 euros a month”

Indeed, Eric had detected the technique of thieves: it is called ” grab the mouse », Or mouse flight. First, they pick up the real key signal when the owner locks their vehicle, or simply through their home, and then integrate it with a blank key. Without entering, they can enter the vehicle.
In a second step, and thanks to dedicated software, thieves connect a tablet or computer to the ODB socket (for On Board Diagnostic), easily accessible on many models. Within minutes, the vehicle was stolen. In France, 90% of thefts are committed online.

All vehicles are stolen says a thief we met. He explained to us his modus operandi and his motivations. “ This guarantees a comfortable life. Then some are easier to steal than others, but you will see that it is very fast For example, he demonstrated his flight process in a Mégane RS.

Unlocked lock, blank key in his pocket, tablet on his knees, took possession of the vehicle in just one minute. You can resell it for between 2000 and 2500 euros. ” It varies, but I earn between 7,000 and 10,000 euros a month. “But there he faces a prison sentence of at least 3 years and a fine of 45,000 euros.

Electronic or mechanical solutions

But fortunately, in the automotive world, there are benefactors against criminals. Some have decided to develop anti-theft technologies, such as Tally Fofana. With his company DigiTall Paris, he designed a system, ” Lock “, connected to the car ‘s electronics, which comes to prevent any attempted theft.

It is strategically located right in the middle of the main electronic network.l “explains Tally, without giving further details.” It is about intercepting all requests, in particular opening doors. As soon as an action like this is done, the vehicle wonders where the owner is, searches for their phone on wifi, and if it doesn’t find it after a certain time, activates an alert. Therefore, it is impossible to begin.

In almost a year, this lock, which won the Lépine competition in 2021, has already been chosen by around fifty motorists. For the installation, it is necessary to count between 200 and 450 euros according to the desired level of protection.

Otherwise, you can always choose to buy one or even two key or code bars that lock the steering wheel of your car. You can find them in stores or on the internet for between 20 and 80 euros each. It’s certainly cheaper, but not as deterrent and protective as an alarm. Thieves could easily cut them … At the moment, solutions like these must also be found to deal with the theft of fuel, which has been rising for a few months due to the inflation of petrol and diesel prices.

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