Roland Garros: Get inspired by tennis players to sell properties successfully

Roland Garros started on Monday. The clay tennis tournament will bring together the best players in the world and will occupy the sports media space for 2 weeks. A great French celebration that highlights the values ​​of sport, and in particular that of tennis: combativeness, pugnacity, resilience and a dose of creativity to make a difference.

Speaking of creativity, Roland Garros is a great gathering that everyone will hear about. A good way to differentiate yourself in your communication. And as usual, Immo2 offers you a free communication kit to differentiate yourself!

Beyond how, we wondered if there were any links between a high-level tennis player and a real estate consultant. Sometimes at Immo2 we have real things to think about!

And we ended up saying yes, and that all real estate agents could be inspired by tennis players and their way of leading a match. 1st service.

Hit your first ball

For tennis lovers, you know that a good first ball almost guarantees you to win the point. In any case, this puts all the opportunities on your side.

Well it’s the same for marketing a good. You need to make sure that your property is successfully marketed as soon as it is marketed. You need to make sure you have all the elements before launching your communication: DPE, beautiful photos, a successful writing ad, a price in line with the market, and so on. Because it is when it appears on the market that all serious buyers will have the best chance of contacting you.

If you lack impact in the first few weeks, you run the risk of “burning” the bonus and having to play a second ball, risking less. Buyers will be waiting for your return. And every price drop, every change in the ad will potentially be perceived as a weakness in the asset.

Know how to reach the net to conclude

When we hit a good first ball, we like to finish in the net. These are easy and reassuring points. You have to bring them.
Real estate professionals tend to give more importance to sellers. But in a tight market, with more and more rare buyers, it is also good to take care of your buyers.

After a visit that went well, call the buyer quickly. Don’t give him time to ask too many questions and find other goods to put his gaze on. The buyer is necessarily afraid to buy wrong. Your role is to reassure him and accompany him to the right choice. It would be a shame to miss a sale because you have not tracked your buyer.

And even if the visit raised questions, tracking your buyer will allow you to improve your brand image and word of mouth. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a sale on your phone that you just need to find on the net! You will see that it does a lot of good. And the seller will become your best supporter for future sales!

Get ready to play at the baseline

Now, we will not lie to each other, we cannot reach the net at all points. And the real estate market is likely to shrink a little more. In fact, you have to show resilience. And like all great tennis players, you have to be prepared for long concentrations at the baseline.

Selling a lot is harder than it sounds. Remember to prepare your salespeople for the reality of the market. Remember to give them items before you market so that you know when the trades will last longer than you expected. Tell him that you are ready for this and that you have obviously anticipated this scenario, and that you will be able to manage the situation, and put the right acceleration off at the right time, to sell the property in the best way. conditions for him.

Know how to reposition yourself to cover the whole terrain

Of course, after each setback, after each dismissal, even if time stands still for a minute in a feat, in a sumptuous drop shot, you need to know how to get back on your feet. Be prepared to cover the field because there is an unpredictable opponent in every game. We must never forget that we only control what the game is when it comes to hitting. And to be sure to have a maximum of balls to hit, you need to be able to cover the entire field at all times.

In other words, be everywhere! Be visible in your entire industry, in all your networks. Only in this way will you be offered the opportunity to play a new ball, you will have this responsibility, a new mandate.

To do this, use Com’Augmentée communication calendar or just download the “Special Roland Garros” pack. available in the article!

Anticipate your opponent’s comments

If you like tennis, you know it. Even if you are well placed, even if you are physically prepared, there will be no better strategies than anticipating the return of your opponent. If you anticipate his blow and gain 2 seconds on the return, those are the two seconds that will make your return unstoppable. The same thing happens in the market. You need to know your market. And if you think it’s going to get tense, it’s time to get your entire database back and enter the mandates before your competitors.

If you think there will be fewer sales this year, it may be time to add a new profession to your agency. If you add management to the transaction, you will earn not 2, but 3 times more business because there is a real complementarity of skills, business, but also to support customers. Everything is very well explained in the training “Diversify your sources of income in the real estate sector”

We have also launched a training package on rental management.

Another possible anticipation: the climate law. The latter is likely to have a significant impact on your stock and your customers’ desire to sell. Maybe it’s time to grab the ox by the horns. If you wish, we can prepare a white paper “How to enter mandates thanks to the climate law”

You win a game in your head!

Having said all that, we know that it is always the same people who win the big tournaments. Of the last 17 Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal has won 13 … There are no secrets, he is the strongest mentally who wins the tournaments.

So it’s important to work on it, because you know that at a time when the market is tight, it’s the strongest mentally who will look for mandates that others can no longer cover. And for that, I can only invite you to watch and review our training on the mentality of the great champions.

We must not give up, it is those who will have the best mentality during this difficult period who will come to the fore. As a friend of Immo2 said, it is when you knock on the next door and your competitor will rest while you enter the mandate.

We’ve seen a lot of games lost in advance, 2 sets to zero, 5-3 against Federer saving a game point, then two. And who will end up going through the middle. To lose against Christmas (yes, it’s still Roland Garros).

Feel free to call your physiotherapist

Finally, we give you the trick that only the big fans of the tournament of this very attractive sport know. The call to the physiotherapist.

You see that time when everything goes wrong. The game will not be to your advantage. Your opponent is in his best tennis. All it touches is gold. Everything you send is much less bright, much less solid. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Right now, some great players, even the world number 1, are doing something very nasty, but often life-saving. They impose a pause. They claim back pain and the need to see the physiotherapist. It is allowed. His only goal is to re-focus, regain mental strength to make a difference.

If not, do the same! It takes a day. Lie down, rest. And he is back in great shape. Ready to fight and reverse the trend. The best advice we have to give you if you are in this trend: train! Go for a workout that will make you want to do it again. It sounds silly, but it’s damn effective!

Come on, it’s time to get back on track. We want you to enter and leave as many terms as possible! How we want the French to be there the second week. In any case, good tournament to all and good luck to you!

Do you have any other tips to inspire us tennis players? We will add them to the article !!

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