Bernard Boursinhac, Mayor of Entraygues: “The people live and want to live”

Passed under the bar of 1,000 inhabitants, Entraygues-sur-Truyère is at a crossroads. Mayor Bernard Boursinhac is struggling to meet the demographic challenge of revitalizing the town. The latter has many assets such as its living environment, or its many services such as the new multicultural room.

The challenges are numerous in Entraygues, while the village has just passed below the symbolic bar of the thousand inhabitants of the last census. The demographic curve, like many rural villages, continues its inexorable decline.

It is necessary to seduce young people and support them so that they stay in the territory, a small tremor accumulates with the arrival of young traders. There is the challenge of employment, we must attract artisans and entrepreneurs, the challenge of housing, we must offer newcomers affordable housing that meets the current requirements of comfort and insulation. lists Bernard Boursinhac, the mayor.

Obviously, there is the issue of financial resources. With a budget of 1.3 million euros, there is not much capacity left to invest … We can’t borrow without thinking, we can only borrow if they give us grants , He said. The city councilor fights within a vast community of commons, flowing from Lioujas to St-Hippolyte (!) To make his voice heard.

It is clear that this door as Entraygues benefits from a new cultural hall thanks to the intercommunity when Espalion is still waiting for its … There are still some adjustments to be made, in particular to equip it with a kitchen “, slide the chosen one, delighted to show this structure installed in the heart of the sports complex, creating a unit. Sad moods point to the limited capacity of the venue and its atypical height, which responds remarkably to the needs of the contemporary circus festival “La Grande Confluence”.

Small village of tomorrow

Entrance to the village is a priority and a reflection is being made to ensure the crossing: Bernard Sérieys and Patricia of the Hôtel de France, take the risk to serve the customers on the Lot side! “The gendarmerie is an energy sieve that needs to be reorganized, as well as the safeguarding of La Poste that wants to make Entraygues a post office are also priorities”continues Bernard Boursinhac.

The “Little Town of Tomorrow” and “Little Town of Character” programs aim to provide resources for this vast project that hints at the light. Like the takeover of the castle by the businessman Jean-Louis Costes (read below), the arrival of young merchants, the installation of an equally young physiotherapist in the city, an optician or even Pierre Pradal, who runs Quai West. In the direction of the youth, an urban park is planned between the swimming pool and the cultural hall as well as a parking area for motorhomes for tourists.

As for housing, there are still six plots for sale in an urbanization that offers a breathtaking view of the confluence. Hence the need to attract a new population. “We have the Entrayols to participate in the life of the people and their development. Entraygues lives and wants to live”, concludes the mayor. Like a cry from the heart.

The opposition wants to be constructive

The organizer of the Cinécure festival (which will be mentioned in our Thursday edition), Laurence Mollaret, a member of the Culture and Heritage Commission, has also been chosen by the opposition. As such, he launched the idea of ​​claiming the Small Town character label. “I took the county reference for this label but it drags, it’s a shame because there is a blockage with the mayor who has problems working as a team,” he says, refuting the controversy. “There’s an inertia. They perceive me as a city girl, even though I’ve known Entraygues for 30 years, I’m attached to it, my children are also considering living there, you have to open up,” adds Laurence Mollaret which also demands. in favor of the Pays d’art et d’histoire seal. “The referent said that we have an exceptional medieval center, it must be valued.” In this sense, the chosen one evokes a project to enhance the Gothic bridge as a result of its repair. “We have to cheer him on. We did an aperitif concert which, due to the rain and the Covid, was held next to the bridge but brought together 157 people.” With the support of the group of musicians and dancers of the Trad d’Entraygues hall, it is planned to redo the aperitif-concert on the bridge with perhaps the participation of the two schools to interpret the bourrée ‘Sur le pont d’Entraygues’ as an air d’Avinyó, followed by a dance in the multicultural hall.The appointment is set for July 30 with, in particular, a well-known group on the poster …

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