These cars that have lost their souls over the generations

If the Mini, the Fiat 500 and other Porsche 911s have always stayed true to their concept and surname, others have sold their souls to the devil.

These cars that have lost their soul over the generations … If their names have survived the multiple opuses that have triumphed in 20, 30, 40, even more than 50 years of career, they often have nothing to do with their distant ancestors. Overview of these iconic models, still on the market in 2022, but whose personality has largely faded.

Chevrolet Corvette

Since its commercial launch in 1953, countless generations of “Vettes” have remained tirelessly loyal to the engine in front, which has greatly contributed to the construction of its legend. Until 2019, the parent company decided to migrate its propulsion train to the rear center position, in order to better distribute the weight, especially with the aim of shining in the different endurance championships. in which the Corvette stands out. Fans of the beautiful American screamed badly.

Ford Puma

The cute urban coupe, born in 1997 on a Ford Fiesta base before disappearing just four years later, was succeeded in 2019 by an equally urban model, but with the look of a 5-door SUV. We forgive him so much that the ST version of the current Puma takes care of his undercarriage to make it one of the most endearing little sports cars of the moment.

Land Rover Defender

After a long 70-year loan career, the famous “Dif” retired in 2016. Four years later, Land Rover advantageously replaced it with a model that could not be more modern, as comfortable as a Range Rover and capable. to cross at more than 200 km / h in silence from the cathedral, and maintaining extraordinary crossing capabilities. But by virtue of erasing the rustic aspects of its predecessor, the magic no longer works.

Mercedes Class A

When launched in 1997, the Class A caused a sensation with its unibody profile within the hitherto very conventional range. A second generation, cast in the same mold, succeeded it in 2004 before Mercedes noticed the wind turning for the minivan category in the early 2010s. That is why, since 2012, it has entered the ranks. to offer direct competition to the Audi. A3 and BMW 1 Series, which have been consolidated for many years in the compact segment.

Nissan Micra

We tend to forget the first two generations of Micra (1982 to 2002) to preserve only the next two that are left in the annals thanks to their plump silhouettes. In 2017, carai, Nissan preferred a more aggressive style based on the technical basis of the Clio 4. But initially, this city car should probably have been called Nissan Sway, which bears the name of the showcar that announced it in 2015. The manufacturer will be updated. , in 2025, with a brand new electric Micra that goes back to basics with a frog look.

Renault Espace

The most emblematic of minivans, at the origin of this trend in Western Europe, will have remained true to its concept for four generations, before being transformed, in 2015, into a much less livable premium crossover, much to the chagrin of large families. which had to be turned.

Suzuki Vitara

The first modern urban 4 × 4, a strict two-door convertible, was the favorite of trendy urbanites in the late 1980s. In 2022, it’s just a cute city SUV among many others, aged, but he still enjoys four-wheel drive, thankfully.

Toyota Rav4

Born to counter the onslaught of the Suzuki Vitara, six years later, it also caused a sensation among the dynamic executives of the 90s. But unlike its competitor, it has continued to grow until becoming, in 2018, the imposing hybrid of pachyderm we know, almost as long as a 7-seater Peugeot 5008.

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