Tennis – Roland-Garros (F): Mladenovic, Tan, Monnet and Burel eliminated from the start

Posted May 22, 2022 at 9:26 pm


First Frenchwoman in competition in this Roland-Garros 2022, Harmony Tan could not do anything against the Colombian Maria Osorio. Carole Monnet also left the tournament in the first round after losing to Karolina Muchova. Clara Burel suffered the law of Maria Sakkari, number 4 seed. Kristina Mladenovic ended the day with a defeat to Leylah Fernandez.

Thirteen French women are present at the Roland-Garros women’s draw, and the first of this 2022 ocher fortnight’s race, Harmony Tan, has already left. The 24-year-old Parisian, 112th in the world and present at the table thanks to a wild card, had a lot to do with the Colombian Maria Osorio, 54th, and the logic was respected with a 6-4, 6-3. defeat in 1:22. After a first game where the players could not hold the service, Tan managed to advance 4-2, but his opponent stepped on the gas and won four games in a row to pocket the first set. On her way, the Colombian led 3-0 in the second and won quietly, with two whites in the service to finish. So for Tan it’s over, and his Grand Slam tournament winning streak is double.

Monnet dominated by Muchova

The first French women’s day at Roland-Garros continued with the defeat of Carole Monnet in two sets against Karolina Muchova. The Czech set the pattern from the start with the break of the first game, a consolidated promotion four days later and then advance five days to one. After saving two breaking points, Carole Monnet erased one of her last breaks, but the Habs’s proud pride didn’t last long. In the process, Karolina Muchova returned to world service 249 to pocket the first set.. Again against the wall, the French have picked up the pace since the start of the second set, taking the service of the Czech to take two days to one … then lose four days in a row. She led five games to three, Carole Monnet resisted, dismissed the first three game points and missed a break point. By insisting, Karolina Muchova ended up achieving her goals and ended the match (6-3, 6-3 in 1h45 ‘). Clara Burel and Maria Sakkari will be her opponents in the second round of the French Open. Kristina Mladenovic will also be competing this Sunday.

Sakkari too strong for Burel

The Czech will have no other French players on the way to the second round of the French Open. Clara Burel, the 95th player in the world, did not weigh much against Maria Sakkari, a semifinalist at Roland Garros and the US Open last year. The Greek struck first but the Habs resisted. However, after three consecutive breaks, Maria Sakkari advanced and a series of three games won in a row gave her the first set. The 4th player in the world thought she had done the hardest part by taking on Clara Burel’s service from the start, but the Frenchwoman responded immediately after a long game. The debates were balanced but Maria Sakkari kept the lead, hitting at the last minute. Taking the service of the Habs, the Greek concluded the match at the first opportunity (6-2, 6-3 in 1:29 ‘) to join the second round of the Porte d’Auteuil tournament.

Mladenovic cracked down on Fernandez

Kristina Mladenovic could not save the tricolor record in this first day of the French Open. Against the last US Open finalist Leylah Fernandez, the 110th world champion lost in two sets. The first set saw the Canadian develop her game, turning her first two set points into four games. That’s when Kristina Mladenovic tried to react, but she didn’t know how to be sharp on both occasions to clear one of her two late service games. Afterwards, Leylah Fernandez had no qualms about concluding the first set with the commitment of the Frenchwoman. Kristina Mladenovic’s reaction was immediate with two breaks to take three days to nothing. The Canadian responded with a first break, but the Habs held on until they scored two points from seven in the service of their rival. An opportunity that Kristina Mladenovic missed and that never happened again. Winning the last four games, Leylah Fernandez ended the match with her first match point (6-0, 7-5 in 1:25 ‘) and joined Katerina Sinakova in the second round.

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