Škoda now produces the MEB platform

Škoda begins production of the Volkswagen Group’s MEB electric platform at its historic plant in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic.

The Volkswagen Group has invested approx. 130 million euros in the Czech Republic, in a new production line of the SEM platform for its 100% electric models. This is the historic Škoda factory, located in Mlada Boleslav near Prague, which will be in charge ofset up more than 250,000 SEM platforms each yearthanks to the work of some 250 workers.

“Today is a very special day for Škoda: when we started assembling the MEB platform, we are now manufacturing a key component of our electric vehicles. We have reached a new milestone in our transition to electromobility “Michael Oeljeklaus, head of production and logistics at Škoda, said: “Our goal is clear: we want to produce key components for our electric vehicles in the three Czech factories by 2030.”

MEB platform: the first production plant outside Germany

Outside Germany, Škoda’s Mladá Boleslav plant is the first production site in Europe to mount Volkswagen Group’s MEB platforms. The Czech manufacturer’s headquarters is now taking a new strategic step, transforming a car production plant into an electromobility center.

“Our new battery assembly line for the MEB platform sets new standards in efficiency, automation, accuracy, cleanliness and digitization”added Christian Bleiel, head of component production at Škoda: “We will take the next step at the end of 2023, when we start the second phase of expansion, which will allow us to produce more than 380,000 electrical platforms per year in total. »

Škoda: three versions of the MEB platform

Thus, the platforms and batteries produced at Mladá Boleslav will be used in the German group’s models based on the MEB platform, both at Škoda, Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT. Three variants They are produced: a small version with 8 modules (capacity of 55 kWh), an average version with 9 modules (62 kWh), as well as a battery larger than 12 modules (82 kWh).

In addition to the 24-cell modules, the batteries of the MEB platform have an integrated cooling system, a module regulation system and the electrical connections necessary for its operation. In Mladá Boleslav, Škoda also manufactures high voltage traction batterieswhich are used in the group’s plug-in hybrid vehicles, such as the Superb iV and the Octavia iV PHEV.

Škoda: 3 other 100% electric models in the program

This new production line is a step in the transformation of Škoda, as part of its “Next level” strategy for 2030: by the end of the decade, the firm Mladá Boleslav plans to produce electric vehicles or electronic components in its three production centers located. in the Czech Republic, preserving existing jobs and creating new ones.

Škoda continues to electrify its range and, by 2030, should launch no less than 3 new 100% electric models, which will be smaller and less expensive than your Enyaq iV electric SUV. Thanks to these, Škoda hopes to achieve a share of sales of 100% electric vehicles from 50 to 70% in Europe.

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