How to choose the right hybrid vehicle?

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How to choose the right hybrid car?

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Hybrid vehicles are a technological revolution in the automotive landscape and are attracting more and more manufacturers, eager to offer rugged models that minimize its environmental impact. This technical feature, which combines combustion engine and electric motor, makes the hybrid car a real alternative to gasoline models and allows you to drive more responsibly. If there is the same name for this type of engine, its characteristics are very different from one model to another. So how do you choose the right hybrid vehicle for your needs and selection criteria?

Hybrid cars: what are the different technologies available?

Before you even worry about the equipment and customization elements of your hybrid car, it’s important to differentiate between the four available hybridization technologies. If each of them has an electric motor, only two allow a totally electric use, in a more or less long distance.

Thus, depending on the engine and its type of use, the hybrid vehicle will offer more or less interesting savings. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your driving habits and determine your favorite routes before choosing your model. In fact, although each of the hybrid engines reduces its fuel consumption in the city, road trips require very specific engines.

  • Complete hybrids
  • Plug-in hybrids
  • Microhybrids
  • Soft hybrids

There are two motors that only use one electric motor:

  • complete hybrids
  • plug-in hybrids

full hybrid cars

The hybrid leaf has a low energy consumption when traveling around the city and does not require any connection to recharge as it benefits from a self-charging system. However, its range in 100% electric mode is limited with an estimated capacity of less than 10 kilometers.

plug-in hybrid cars

The rechargeable hybrid has a better range (between 50 and 60 km) and is recharged in a few hours through the mains. However, it is more expensive to buy. If the batteries are empty, the combustion engine takes over and gradually recharges the vehicle with electricity during its journey. Therefore, these models are more suitable for regular use on the road.

It’s good to know

For plug-in hybrid cars, the battery stored in the trunk may reduce its capacity according to some models. However, according to UFC Que Choisir: “The plug-in hybrid is therefore a good compromise between the electric car and the combustion engine” *.

* Source: UFC What to Choose

Microhybrids and soft hybrids

At the same time, microhybrids and mild-hybrids do not have autonomy in 100% electric mode, only the heat engine allows control of the wheel system.

The microhybrid is the most widespread hybrid solution as it is enough to install an alternator-starter that manages the Stop & Start function of the vehicle. Its installation is not very expensive and reduces fuel consumption in the city.

If the microhybrid is more accessible and more democratized, its use is ultimately advantageous only in the city, as this engine system does not save fuel once on the road. Slightly different, the mild-hybrid engine complements the internal combustion engine by providing the power needed for the vehicle to move forward and is characterized, like the microhybrid, by a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

to summarize

Choosing a hybrid car can be complex. Smooth hybrid or full hybrid? For what use? We help you better understand these different technologies to properly choose a hybrid solution tailored to your needs.

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