Thaon-lès-Vosges – The city’s new website is launched!

City of Thaon-lès-Vosges

City of Thaon-lès-Vosges

The new Thaon-les-Vosges City Council website is launched: The culmination of a year of work, involving elected officials, city council services and the web development agency Section4.

Following the name change of the town, which took place on January 1, 2022, the municipality has chosen to renew the visual identity of the town in order to better reflect its specificities and its character as well as the image that reflects in the eyes today. of all and that will reflect tomorrow: innovative, dynamic, anchored in our history and our heritage and turned to the future.

This visual identity was introduced in early 2022 and since then has accompanied all media: official documents, newsletters, print media, social media, posters, municipal magazine, etc.

The website, the reflection of which began in May 2021, has been completely redesigned, both in terms of appearance and content.

As soon as you open the new home page, the first impression is visual. That of a place that promotes images, photos, illustrations … The ambition thus shown is “to give the city to be seen”, to translate it into images, to enhance it through a graphic that aims at the same time sober, elegant, contemporary.

A central search bar

Central to this new site: the inclusion of a search bar in the middle of the homepage. A “Google-style” system that best suits the needs of the Internet user. This allows you to quickly search for keywords to quickly find specific information.

The practical dimension is reinforced by numerous services and online forms related to the administrative procedures that any user may require. Therefore, numerous procedures can be requested through the website: prior appointment of DNI and passport, civil status documents, work application, urban planning documents, research in the cemetery, pre-application for the reservation of councils, job offers, applications for various grants. , registration of a child in the dining room, etc.

Interactive thematic maps

Site pages can integrate thematic maps taken from an interactive city map. The opportunity to easily view in 7- All the news of the city News, events, videos, images, publications … the new website reserves an important space for all the news of the city, valued and broadcast on the page of Home and Social Networking 5- The town halls in reproduction Now all the town halls are filmed and can be seen online in reproduction. 4- Catering, menus one month in advance School menus are always online, more easily accessible and viewable from a mobile device. They are updated monthly. geolocation of the location of shops, companies, sports and cultural infrastructures, glass and textile supply points, etc.

To consult everywhere

In front of a computer, smartphone or tablet, the site and its contents are intuitively adapted to the size of any type of screen.

A directory of activities and professionals

Are you looking for a health professional, a football, dance or singing activity for your child? The directory of activities will help you easily find associations that offer these activities in Thaon-les-Vosges. 8- Municipal services at just one click To get to the town hall, the contact tab is enriched and will allow the user to send their application directly to the service concerned, according to their needs. Save time for greater efficiency in processing applications. A sore? Do you need a medical expert? The directory of all health professionals: doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, etc. is also online and available with all useful contact details.

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